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Muddy Roots To Make Recording History In Nashville.

Muddy Roots To Make Recording History In Nashville.


It’s official! Muddy Roots Records has been granted a rare chance to take over the historic RCA Studio B for 2 nights to record original 1950’s Rockabilly Legend Billy Harlan. Full details coming soon ,A big THANK YOU goes out to the Country Music Hall of Fame….Folks just a few days ago THIS IS what I read on one of Jason Galaz’s Muddy Roots websites. Mr. Jason is the CEO of what is slowly becoming one of the most prominent and powerful forces for REAL Country music in Nashville and that is Muddy Roots Music.

Rockabilly Legend Billy Harlan will be once again playing at the 2016 Nashville Boogie which will be taking place at the Opryland Convention Center again but this time it will involve more of the Nashville Palace. That will be a positive thing because I had service problems with the side bar shows this spring. AND PLUS this year there is a NEW twist surprise Mr. Jason has not announced yet…We will be taking over the GRAND OLE OPRY STAGE for the finale on Sunday night. This will be a BIG HUGE ACT announced SOON and trust me he’s NOT playing games with Music Row.

He has released a few of the Boogie act lineups and although I have the add on the sidebar, I do not plan on covering festivals until the week of Christmas because I literally have hundreds to release. It’s going to be a HUGE MAJOR project of epic proportions this spring. I’m also working on my “Top 50 Albums Of 2015” Which Muddy Roots Recordings currently has one of the TOP 10 Spots on, unless a REALLY GOOD album gets released and knocks it off..which I doubt. I shall ALSO release some information about the spring Weekender which is another of the festivals he puts on in Nashville Indiana along with the main fest in Cookeville Tennessee.

So enough chatter let’s talk history and what Muddy Roots is doing and how it is relevant to the history books shall we? I’m still in the contact stages with Mr. Jason and he told me tonight that it will be a lot of old songs that have been shelved for AGES and will be recorded in one take old school style. And this a rare opportunity that the Hall Of Fame and Mike Curb is allowing because Curb owns the building.

RCA Studio B was and is famous for ONE THING (among many) The Nashville Sound of era the 1960’s that coexisted with the Outlaw Movement. It was (in it’s time) a sort of pop country if you will, while CERTAINLY NOT hokey and fake like today’s pop country…it was mass produced and manufactured to sell to the same target demographic of today’s pop country. I have heard many stories and read many books by steel guitarists like Hal Rugg and Fiddle Players like Hoot Hester whom were not needed by people like Marty Robbins because they were busy recording “Nashville Sound” songs which didn’t require them. Many people are misguided into thinking songs like “White Sport Coat And Pink Carnation” were classic country when in fact it was (for it’s time) pop. NOT that I’m bashing it I LOVED Ray Price string band recordings and even Kenny Rogers but it wasn’t Traditional Country.

However the Nashville Sound revived Nashville as an epicenter of recording and music, and it generated MILLIONS of dollars despite the Outlaw Country’s killer blow to the industry in 1976 the year Shooter was born when Wanted The Outlaw became the VERY FIRST Country Music album to sell over 1 million and become what Billboard crowned “Platinum”.
Shortly before Patsy Cline’s early 1963 death she sold out the famed Carnegie Hall when on the other side of the coin the Outlaws were selling out smaller venues with larger talent packages often times involving up to ten artists. This was done because of the irresponsibility of the acts not always showing up or showing up unable to play.

Still Studio B holds historical honor within the halls of time and the hearts of people like me. It was built in 1956 by Dan Maddox under direct supervision of Chet Atkins and cost around 47,000 to build. It is said that the plans were drawn up on a diner napkin at Linebaugh’s diner on Broadway by Bill Miltenberg and to this day it is said Marty Stuart owns the napkin but nobody has actually SEEN this piece. Now Studio A was on 17th avenue and this was always considered Studio B.

Don Gibson recorded “Girls Guitars And Gibson” at the famed studio and Dolly Parton wrote about the studio in her book and said she accidentally drove her car into the side of the wall. She also wrote that Bobby Bare burned a hole in their couch after falling asleep with a lit cigarette (which he was known for doing). In 1977 the studio was made commercial to the public for tours and opened for tourists.

Billy Harlan was more of a Country AND Rockabilly Legend having contributed to both, and he has done SO MUCH for both genres I could write about him for hours. He was from Muhlenberg County Kentucky in my area and was born in 1937, and along with people like the Everly Brothers, Merle Travis, and Kennedy Jones (who wrote the Cannonball Rag) helped make music history. I studied him in the past because in 1943 he had a radio show in Rusellville Kentucky on WRUS and I spent a few weeks at the Hall Of Records researching it. He was the first in this area to spin Ernest Tubb in his prime.

In 1954 he was in a band called the “Melody Ranch Hands” and in 1955 they played on a radio show in Central City Kentucky, and earlier that year Hawkshaw Hawkins and Jean Shepard were on tour in Kentucky when their bus broke down after a show in Owensboro. Billy was hired to drive Buddy Killen back to Nashville and upon talking to him he was hired to join Ray Price and Billy became a Cherokee Cowboy.

In 1956 he and Hawkshaw co-wrote a song called “My Fate Is In Your Hands” and after his cover of an Autry Inman song that song became Hawkshaw’s hit. He also became a member of Jim Reeve’s band the Wagonmasters and in 1958 he recorded two of his more rockabilly songs and wrote one for the Everly Brothers. In the 1950’s a few of his songs he cut for RCA that stayed in the basement even though they were issued on Bear Family Records.

In the 1970’s he wrote the B side “Natural Woman” which was the other side of Johnny Russell’s “Rednecks White Socks And Blue Ribbon Beer”. He is Chairman of The Board of the Merle Travis Music Center to this day.

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Could My Album Of The Year Be A LIVE Album? BCR Releases MORE RARE Waylon Live.

Could My Album Of The Year Be A LIVE Album? BCR Releases MORE RARE Waylon Live.


Well folks I’ll tell you WHAT here I am at home on almost my birthday enjoying my bag of stuff from Record Store Day Black Friday, YES there are TWO Record Store Days now. As always O’l Shooter Jennings didn’t let us down with BCR (Black Country Rock his label). Friday morning Record Stores nationwide opened up for business like mine did and Volume 2 Of the Waylon Jennings Live albums was unleashed upon us with only a few thousand copies nationwide.

This was a white vinyl only it will NEVER BE released on CD or digital download EVER. The album has twelve tracks on it and is recorded from Omaha in 1979, the year that Shooter was born. I don’t really delve into the business side of anything so I can’t tell you anything about that part of it only that it was produced by BCR and J.D. Myers also contributed to it, that’s not really my place to make official statements in that area.

I CAN TELL YOU that this album is on the verge of becoming my number ONE album of 2015….I cannot promise that because darn it that Alan Jackson album is truly good and I think even Shooter himself enjoys most of my top 50 list for 2015 when I release it. His taste is as eclectic as mine, in fact I find out about a ton of good music from him on a personal level. I remember a Muddy Roots I was talking with him and he says “Hey Fishgutzzz” I too love them G Damn Gallows.

In the next two years we will have been brought closer to Waylon Jennings than ever, with the book that Terry Jennings is releasing next year which you can read about HERE we will read more stories about his days of the Outlaw Movement and more. And earlier this year Waylon Live Volume 1 was released at Cracker Barrel stores.

Volume 1 had more vocal interaction with the audience and jokes and stories, as this volume had mostly all music. It did have some really good guitar and steel solos and it did feature Waylon yodeling for a brief moment. The crowd was more vivid and responsive on this volume, and the album dove directly into “Don’t You Think This Outlaw Stuff”.

He changed some of the lyrics to a few of the songs like “Good Hearted Woman” and this album has one of the best versions of “Amanda” and other songs like “Honky Tonk Heros” off his Billy Joe Shaver album. Folks this album is just absolutely twelve songs of pure Waylon Jennings grit and glory from one of the greatest eras of Country Music that ever existed.

The crowd roars as he blows into “Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys” and they respond in great delight to the background vocals in “Amanda”. Like I previously said it was truly the greatest recording of it I have ever heard. Along with “Slow Rollin low” and “Waymore’s Blues” the rest of the album was well produced and recorded in superb fashion and you’ll have to hang around to see if it makes my number ONE SPOT.

1. Don’t You Think This Outlaw Stuff Has Done Got Out Of Hand
2. Are You Ready For The Country
3. Waymore’s Blues
4. Good Hearted Woman
5. Iv’e Always Been Crazy
6. Come with Me
7. Slow Rollin Low
8. Amanda
9. A Long Time Ago
10. Iv’e Been A Long Time Leaving
11. MaMas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys
12. Honky Tonk Heros

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Possessed By Paul James Comes To Nashville For Two Shows.

Possessed By Paul James Comes To Nashville For Two Shows.


One of my friends from the Nashville area that promotes shows Jason H Buchanan and the Basement Presents Possessed By Paul James in December. PBPJ who is a Hillgrass Bluebilly artist always puts on a GREAT live show and his latest offering “There Will Be Nights When I’m Lonely” was a stellar album indeed. He will be appearing that evening with the Hooten Hallers.

That same week on December 14th he will be appearing at Puckett’s in Franklin Tennessee, which is a really good venue to see a show as well. Konrad is always a truly good act during the festivals of the year and he appears on many of them indeed, he is truly one of the finest one man bands around and does a super fine job of entertaining his audience.

Every time I find out about really good local music shows in the area I always try to write a small article featuring the shows. I also include them in my weekly listing of local shows in the area so please keep yourselves posted on them.

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John King And The Mud River Revival Video Debut…NOW!

John King And The Mud River Revival Video Debut…NOW!

Well here it is as promised folks the second official video from John King And The Mud River Revival. This song is called ‘Drag The Green River” and can be found on their debut album called “Write The Wrongs”. I recently got to see them open for Jesco White at the Spillway and they did a truly fine job.

I have been reporting on pretty much everything this band does and I really enjoyed seeing my good friend Kenneth Marr in this video, he made my logo and those likenesses HE DREW! He is truly a super talented artist.

So as one of the finest local bands in the Bowling Green area just keeps getting bigger let them know you found out about them here! ENJOY IT FOLKS and HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

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More News From Moonrunners.

More News From Moonrunners.


For some time now I have been watching a project being made public by Jahshie P head honcho over at the Chicago based Moonrunners organization. Earlier this year he introduced Indie Exchange which is a pay per view (or listen) to page with exclusive site only content from some of the bands involved.

You can learn ore about this by clicking on the link above as you can hear exclusive songs by the first artist to become involved Hellbound Glory. For a small fee you can unlock music you can ONLY hear on this site, and learn about releases before the general public does.

What is

A video streaming web solution for the independent artist, offering the power of the Exact Timer Technology
A hub where fans can easily find their favorite artist’s exclusive content and hear new releases
A place to discover new talent by sampling various artist’s submissions at reasonable rates
A community to foster the growth of the independent artist, their work and the culture
An opportunity for the independent artist to control and monetize their content
Where the independent artist is guaranteed quick payment

I’m always looking for opportunities to allow indie artists to make the most income off their music in ways more accessible to the public, because the main media does not include their music (in ANY genre) for them to appreciate it. THIS website makes that possible in many ways and sheds new light on many aspects of their music. As it grows this will become a mecca of exposure to many artists that many fans would not have heard of anyplace else and I think this can certainly help the music community in many ways.

At this point I shall save all of my major music festival announcements for the last week of 2015 because I have SO MANY and Moonrunners is one of them. They ARE announcing some of the acts for next year already and as they all announce the ticket prices go up, but i just have so much to report on right now I have saved my festival coverage for later and like MANY of my articles I shall be following this up with updates as it grows into shape to be bigger.

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