Jan 172018

As I finish operation clean up from 2017, and begin to reflect on what all transpired, I have a couple stacks of albums I missed. I thought it might be a fun idea if I began a small series of articles that elaborate on some of these albums.  Some of them found their way in my email, and some were physically sent to me in the mail.

Brandon Luedtke : Morning Light
Impacting August 11th : Folk – Country – Americana
Hailing from Texas, Brandon Luedtke began writing songs when he was given his first guitar at age twelve. Since then, he has resided in Nebraska and NYC, later settling in Austin where over the last seven years, the singer-songwriter and musician has played in bands like Roosevelt’s Goody Bag, Honey Baby, and briefly with Shane Smith and the Saints on the fretless bass. More than ever, Luedtke has been honing his craft by writing and performing songs centered around his acoustic guitar and voice – carrying the torch of the Texas troubadour forward.

Earlier this year, Luedtke finished his debut LP, Morning Light, with producer, Eric Witthans in Austin’s Mockingbird Studios. The album showcases, Luedtke’s subtle feel for songwriting and musicians from the Austin music scene. Stylistically, Brandon is most easily categorized as a modern folk singer, but the songs on Morning Light will also fit perfectly into the Americana and Alt-Country world. The album features 9 Luedtke originals including the first two singles country tinged, steel driven “By The Light of The Moon” and folky “Can’t Get Away (From The Way of the World)”. Alongside those originals are reworkings of the traditional, “Cuckoo Song” and the gospel song “Soon One Morning”. Several of the songs have already debuted on websites across the country to great reviews. Following that are downloads and streams.

I recently listened to this album and really liked it, I can see him fitting in well with Americanafest lineups as well as a few more other festivals, since he came from the Texas area I was anticipating a more Red Dirt sound. This album was certainty a different twist than  what initially is described, with as much depth as a good Isbell album.

Some of the steel guitar work was pretty good and the songs all accompanied each other truly well, and when I am in the Americana mood this album will certainly be included into my rotation.


1. Can’t Get Away (From The Way of the World) (2:56)
2. The Cuckoo Bird (3:17)
3. Over The Interstate (2:44)
4. Black Mountain Echoes (3:56)
5. Let it Rise (3:21)
6. One of These Days (2:33)
7. New World (3:06)
8. Stay Gone (3:30)
9. Somethin’ Evil (4:13)
10. By The Light of the Moon (2:10)
11 Soon One Morning (2:21)

Matthew James And The Rust Belt Union: Impromptu Musical For The Skeptic

Now this next album I did indeed dwell very deeply on, I cannot even BEGIN to lump this band into ANY genre really? I mean the steel guitar is phenomenal but it’s THE TONE of it that really gripped my ears..What tuning is this? I plan to SOON reach out to steel picker Mr. Nathan Emerson when I bring back my steel pickers series in the future.

Mr. Matthew James – Acoustic Guitar / vocals, Mr. Wrex Hill – Drums, Mr.  Nathan M Emerson – Pedal Steel, Mr. Larry Kaster – Upright Bass, Mr. Nick Maurer & Brad Hanson – Electric Guitar and Mr. Matt Miller – Organ make up this eclectic band right here. This piece is from their press kit:

Jan 142018


The CMA Music Theater at the Country Music Hall Of Fame has been bringing GREAT acts to the Hall Of Fame, like the Earls Of Leicester who blasted the Bluegrass scene up with their second album called “Rattle And Roar” in 2016. These boys have TWO FINE albums of material to pick through for a LIVE album, I anticipate a DANG FINE album.

The Earls of Leicester are the three-time IBMA Entertainer of the Year bluegrass group assembled by Jerry Douglas to present the music of Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs, and their band, the Foggy Mountain Boys. Their self-titled debut album earned a Grammy Award for Best Bluegrass Album in 2015. The band’s music focuses on the music of Flatt & Scruggs during the period when the band consisted of Lester Flatt on guitar and lead vocals, Earl Scruggs on banjo and guitar, ‘Uncle’ Josh Graves on dobro, Paul Warren on fiddle, Curly Seckler on mandolin, and ‘Cousin’ Jake Tullock on bass. The band’s name is a play on the names of Earl Scruggs and Lester Flatt.

The Earls of Leicester consists of 14-time Grammy winner Jerry Douglas on Dobro, Shawn Camp on lead vocals and guitar, Charlie Cushman on banjo, Jeff White on mandolin, Johnny Warren on fiddle, and Barry Bales on bass. Douglas and Bales are also band mates in Alison Krauss & Union Station. These shows are going to be recorded for a future Earls of Leicester live record. Tickets are $34.50.

HERE is where you can go to order tickets.

Jan 132018

You might recall recently that I wrote about Country Legend Ray Stevens Announced Opening CabaRay well everybody on January 18th 19th and 20th HE WILL DO JUST THAT! The grand opening celebration begins at this state of the art Nashville showroom in about a week. Now unfortunately they ran into some licensing kinks, and construction which prohibited them from opening  last year.

The entire complex is themed on Nashville and the industry that has been so good to Mr. Ray, and all of the walls will be adorned with pictures and posters of his career. The showroom features six red leather booths  named after Legendary producers like Chet Atkins, Owen Bradley, Shelby Singleton, Fred Foster, Jerry Kennedy and Billy Sherrill.

This complex will offer dinner theater style shows for 500 people downstairs and 200 people upstairs with theater style seating, a gift shop and many other accommodations. This is a 35,000 square foot complex  with free parking for 300 patrons, and even tour buses.  This complex is located in West Nashville at 5724 River Road.


Jan 132018

Album Feature : Anderson East – Encore

By Joshua Wallace

An encore is typically an artist’s way of saying thank you to an appreciative crowd. Anderson East’s new album is titled Encore and it is in many ways an encore of his 2015 album Delilah. He is once again working with Dave Cobb at the helm. Encore feels like it picked up right where Delilah left off but more polished. Anderson East still has his brand of southern soul mixed with country, blues and everything in between. Encore just improves on that in every way.

The album starts off with a surefire hit in “King For A Day”. Anderson East wrote this song with Chris and Morgane Stapleton and you can hear Chris’s influence in this song. The great co-writes don’t end there. He works with great writers such as Natalie Hemby, Adam Hood, pop sensation Ed Sheeran and even Swedish EDM producer Avicii. You would think an album with all of these mixed ingredients might not work, however it’s a testament to Anderson East that it works very well.

The Avicii track is titled “Girlfriend” and is filled with thick synthesizers and horns. It is different, but it’s still very much Anderson East. There are also some covers on this album. Anderson East takes Ted Hawkins’s acoustic blues number and turns it into an up tempo soul hit. He also re-works Willie Nelson’s sparse ballad “Somebody Pick Up My Pieces” from his Teatro album into a more full sounding southern blues ballad. “All On My Mind” is a track that was originally written by Ed Sheeran and Johnny McDaid, the same duo who were mostly responsible for writing Sheeran’s huge hit “Shape Of You”. Anderson East took the demo of “All On My Mind” from Sheeran thanks to some mutual management and made it his own. It’s a great song to serve as the lead single from the album.

It is clear that Anderson East has grown since recording Delilah, but his sound remains the same. Anderson East is one of many artists leading a revival in the old school soul and R&B sound. This album continues that and dives further into his blues and country influences as well. In many cases, if you hear that an EDM artist or a mega pop star such as Ed Sheeran worked on an album such as this, you would be justifiably worried. However, Anderson East takes these influences and melds them into his own work in way that stays true to his sound. If you were a fan, or even on the fence with Delilah, I highly recommend giving this record a shot. Encore is available everywhere music is sold.

Anderson East – Encore (2018)

  • King For A Day
  • This Too Shall Last
  • House Is A Building
  • Sorry You’re Sick
  • If You Keep Leaving Me
  • Girlfriend
  • Surrender
  • All On My Mind
  • Without You
  • Somebody Pick Up My Pieces
  • Cabinet Door

Favorite Tracks : King For A Day, Girlfriend, Sorry You’re Sick, If You Keep Leaving Me, All On My Mind

Joshua Wallace
Chief Staff Writer

Gary Hayes County
Jan 122018

Album Feature : Mickey Lamantia – Every Bad Habit

By Joshua Wallace

I first came across Mickey Lamantia’s music thanks to the 2017 Tumbleweed festival lineup.  I was not present last year, so I did not see him live but I am the type of person who digs into artists based on being on festival lineups.  I liked what I heard on his Outlaw Life EP and I was excited to find out that he had a full length LP out in early 2018.

Mickey Lamantia is the definition of modern outlaw country.  Raw, real and he has a sound that respects those who came before him.  On Every Bad Habit, Mickey Lamantia aka ml750 provides his fans with their first deeper look to his brand of outlaw country.  After one listen, there is no question where he comes from and what cloth he was cut from.

Songs like “Take Our Country Back” express how Lamantia feels about current politics and the current state of country music.  The title track, “Every Bad Habit” dives even deeper and gives you an idea of his musical influences.  “When I Get On A Roll” is my favorite track on the album and was actually not written by Mickey Lamantia, but by Tony Stampley.  This track could be a hit on country radio if they played songs like this.  It has amazing songwriting and Mickey Lamantia nails the execution.  I’ll have this cut in my own rotation for a while.

There is an acoustic portion to this album that kind of takes the album to its core which is Mickey and his guitar singing these amazing songs just like he’d perform them at a solo acoustic gig in some random bar on a Saturday night.  These 3 acoustic tracks are just as hard hitting and amazing as the rest of the album.  I wish more artists stripped it down like this as a regular part of the album and not as bonus tracks of a deluxe edition or B-Sides on an EP.

Mickey Lamantia has released one hell of an album in Every Bad Habit.  If you’re a fan of outlaw country or just real country music, this one’s for you.  Every Bad Habit is available on digital outlets February 12th, 2018 and physical copies are available HERE.

Mickey Lamantia – Every Bad Habit (2018)

  1. Six Cans, Some Vinyl and You

  2. Every Bad Habit

  3. When I Get On A Roll

  4. Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

  5. How Do I Say Good Bye (Acoustic)

  6. Take Our Country Back

  7. Heavy Dose Of You

  8. Whiskey On My Breath

  9. Outlaw Uprising (Acoustic)

  10. Outlaw LIfe (Acoustic)

Favorite Tracks : When I Get On A Roll, Every Bad Habit, Take Our Country Back, Six Cans, Some Vinyl and You, Outlaw Uprising

 Joshua Wallace

Chief Staff Writer

Gary Hayes County
Jan 122018

Once you take a look at this video you’ll easily see why Bobby Bare’s album last year made my TOP 50 OF 2017. Director Mr. Max T Barnes son of Max D Barnes has directed a video masterpiece. Bobby Bare has had a wonderful year here on Garyhayescountry.com, playing many festivals I covered this year.

He, like many other Country Music Legends is also planning a 2018 album, and an extensive tour being one of Country Music’s more active Legends.  “’I Drink’ was written by one of my favorite songwriters, Mary Gauthier – she lived it. It’s a heart-wrenching story of alcoholism and the effects it can have on a family,” said Bobby Bare, adding, “I am proud of the depiction of the song through this video and hope it will sincerely touch people. If you’re struggling, get help, it could save your family and your life. I recommend AA as a starting point.”

Jan 112018


The nominees for the 2018  Bluegrass Music Awards from the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America have been announced. They will be presented in February at the 44th Annual SPBGMA Bluegrass Music Awards and 35th National Convention & Band Championship in Nashville.

In contrast to the IBMA, which takes a wide view in the question of just what bluegrass music is, SPBGMA hews much more closely to the traditions that informed the style in its earliest days. Nominees and final award winners are chosen by balloting among the membership, and attendees at the annual convention at the Sheraton Music City Hotel each winter.

And the nominees for the 2018 awards are…

Bluegrass Promoter of the Year

  • Norman Adams
  • Bob Auth
  • Ryan Frankhouser
  • DA Callaway
  • Melanie Wilson
  • Sammy Karr

Bluegrass Radio Station of the Year

  • WBRF-FM Galax, VA
  • WCHQ-FM Louisville, KY
  • WPAQ-AM, Mt. Airy, NC
  • Sirius XM 062-Bluegrass Junction
  • WBZI-AM, Xenia, OH
  • WSM-AM, Nashville, TN

Bluegrass DJ of the Year

  • Judith Burnette WBRF FM Galax, VA
  • Bob Mitchell WCHQ FM Louisville, KY
  • Tim Frye WPAQ AM Mt. Airy NC
  • Kyle Cantrell Sirius XM 062
  • Chris Jones Sirius XM 062
  • Cindy Baucom Knee Deep In Bluegrass

Bluegrass Songwriter of the Year

  • Larry Cordle
  • Donna Ulisse
  • Milan Miller
  • Eric Gibson
  • Daryl Mosley
  • Wayne Taylor

Bluegrass Album of the Year

  • Colors – The Farm Hands on Pinecastle Records
  • Let Them Know I’m From Virginia – Big Country Bluegrass on Rebel Records
  • In The Ground – The Gibson Brothers on Rounder Records
  • Life Is A Story – Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver on Mountain Home Music Company
  • Before Breakfast – The Grascals on Mountain Home Music Company
  • Silence In These Walls – Flatt Lonesome on Mountain Home Music Company

Bluegrass Bass Fiddle Performer of the Year

  • Tyler Wiseman
  • Michael Gregory
  • Gary Trivette
  • Mickey Harris
  • Mike Bub
  • Darrin Vincent

Bluegrass Dobro Performer of the Year

  • Gaven Largent
  • Tim Graves
  • Rob Ickes
  • Jerry Douglas
  • Dylan Armour
  • Josh Swift

Bluegrass Guitar Performer of the Year

  • Tony Wray
  • Rebecca Frazier
  • Keith Tew
  • Josh Williams
  • Kody Norris
  • Jacob Greer

Bluegrass Mandolin Performer of the Year

  • Tristin Norfleet
  • Zack Arnold
  • Alan Bibey
  • Larry Stephenson
  • Wayne Benson
  • Danny Roberts

Bluegrass Banjo Performer of the Year

  • Don Hill
  • Josiah Tyree
  • Tyler Thompson
  • Billy Lee Cox
  • Mitch Walker
  • Kristin Scott-Benson

Bluegrass Fiddle Performer of the Year

  • Gil Benson
  • Adam Haynes
  • Ron Stewart
  • Jamie Harper
  • Hunter Berry
  • Mary Rachel Nalley

Female Vocalist of the Year (Overall)

  • Brooke Aldridge
  • Amanda Smith
  • Dale Ann Bradley
  • Rhonda Vincent
  • Jeanette Williams
  • Sonya Isaacs

Male Vocalist of the Year (Overall)

  • Johnny Williams
  • Kody Noris
  • Jr Sisk
  • Russell Moore
  • Jacob Greer
  • Daryl Mosley

Bluegrass Gospel Group of the Year

  • Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers
  • The Farm Hands
  • The Churchmen
  • Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
  • ClayBank
  • The King James Boys

Bluegrass Vocal Group of the Year

  • Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice
  • Carolina Blue Band
  • The Farm Hands
  • ClayBank
  • Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
  • Branded Bluegrass

Bluegrass Instrumental Group of the Year

  • ClayBank
  • The Farm Hands
  • The Kody Norris Show
  • Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper
  • Branded Bluegrass
  • Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice

Bluegrass Band of the Year (Overall)

  • The Kody Norris Show
  • Branded Bluegrass
  • The Farm Hands
  • Remington Ryde
  • Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice
  • ClayBank

Bluegrass Entertainer(s) of the Year

  • Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
  • The Farm Hands
  • Flatt Lonesome
  • Remington Ryde
  • Branded Bluegrass
  • ClayBank

Bluegrass Song of the Year

  • Burn The Barn – Big Country Bluegrass on Rebel Records
  • All My Life – Flatt Lonesome on Mountain Home Music Company
  • Rural Route – The Farmhands on Pinecastle Records
  • Life To My Days – Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver on Mountain Home Music Company
  • My Quiet Mind – The Gibson Brothers on Rounder Records
  • Sleeping With The Reaper – The Grascals on Mountain Home Music Company

Congratulations one and all. See you in February!


Jan 112018

On Feb 16, 17,18 and 19th at the Crowne Plaza Resort in Asheville North Carolina you will find this stellar lineup of GREAT Bluegrass music to entertain you in fine fashion. So first we shall talk about the lineup of bands before all the rest of the information here. As usual I shall post not only the poster but all of the band links too!

The 23rd annual Bluegrass First Class hosted by Festival Director Mr. Milton Harkey and his organization that is fiercely dedicated to the proliferation and promotion of Bluegrass music in all forms. He is by all means one of the modern day pioneers of his craft in many ways:

  • One of the founding fathers of the IBMA (June, 1985) and Chairman of the Board for 3 years.
  • Originator, founder and producer of The Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver Family Style Bluegrass Festival in Denton, NC (for 17 years)
  • Founder and host of the Pizza Hut International Bluegrass showdown, a talent search for bluegrass and acoustic bands throughout the US and Canada. Pizza Hut was the Title Sponsor.
  • Founding member of the South Carolina Bluegrass Society, Inc and Chairman of the Board for 3 years.
  • Producer of several bluegrass festivals: Fox on the Run Bluegrass Festival in Lexington, Little Mountain, SC, founder of the Kinston Winter Bluegrass Festival in Kinston, NC in conjunction with the Eastern North Carolina Bluegrass Association.
  • Disk jockey for 1 year with a 3 hour weekly show at WCOS-FM Radio, a 100,000 watt station located in Columbia, SC.
  • Event producer at the Quarter Moon Listening Parlor in Columbia, SC.
  • Harkey continues to spend his spare time working with young bluegrass artists by providing the opportunity to showcase their talents and achieve the recognition of seasoned bluegrass audiences nationwide.

Flatt Lonesome
Dailey And Vincent
Steve Gulley And New Pinnacle
Russell Moore And IIIrd Tyme Out
Doyle Lawson And Quicksilver
Rhonda Vincent And The Rage
Blue Mafia
Lonesome River Band
Seldom Scene

Some might fine looking accommodations embellish this festival and entice you to want to come and enjoy some music in this area folks, I highly suggest you come check out what they are doing out there. I can tell you previous experience that Asheville North Carolina is a gorgeous area. And the initial hotel that is hosting this event includes the ENTIRE HOTEL, this from their website:

There will be pickin’ around the clock in the halls, rooms, lounge, sunken lobby, and foyer. The entire hotel is reserved for bluegrass fans and performers – It’s all yours, so just have at it! There is one quiet wing in the hotel and in that area we respectfully request that there be no jammin’.

Asheville Rennissance

31 Woodfin St
Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 252-8211


Days Inn

201 Tunnel Rd
Asheville, NC 28805
(828) 252-4000

Free Hot Breakfast Each Morning

*Ask for the special Bluegrass rate: $73.10 + Tax

Jan 092018

I was first exposed to Ghostwriter’s music in the 2008 film called The Folk Singer.  Admittedly, he was not a highlight of the film for me but what I heard stuck with me.  Ghostwriter is a one man band with a sound that falls into the lo-fi punk inspired blues category.  His sound features haunted growling vocals backed with a thick distorted guitar and foot stomp percussion.  It fits right in with Left Lane Cruiser or The GD Gallows or even The Legendary Shack Shakers.

Ghostwriter’s new record is titled String Noise and Dust.  While Ghostwriter isnt reinventing the wheel, there is some diversity on this album.  There are slower tracks which showcase great songwriting and some faster tracks that show off his punk rock influences and just might start a mosh pit.

The album opens up with a barn burner called “Storm Clouds”.  It sets the album off rocking with a song that kicks up a lot of noise and dust to prepare you for the storm to come.  “How Many Times” showcases Ghostwriter’s skill with the banjo and great songwriting.  Another favorite is “Stagnation Blues” which brings together the distorted blues guitar and banjo for an amazing album closer.

One man bands bring an interesting sound and Ghostwriter adds to the diversity of the OMBs in the underground roots scene.  He brings a sound that is heavy, bluesy and full of distorted guitars and guttural growls.  This album will sit well with any Ghostwriter fan, new or long time.  String Noise and Dust is available everywhere digitally and on CD and LP from End Of The West Records.

Ghostwriter – String Noise and Dust (2018)


  1. Storm Clouds

  2. Lost

  3. Divine

  4. Harness

  5. How Many Times

  6. Shoreline

  7. Honor The Dead

  8. Ohio

  9. Folks

  10. Stars

  11. Gdmt

  12. Stagnation Blues

Favorite Tracks : Ohio, Storm Clouds, How Many Times, Stagnation Blues

Jan 092018

You know before I indulge into anything Mr. Billy Yates has contributed to Country Music on a songwriter standpoint, I want to point out that he produced MY NUMBER ONE ALBUM OF 2017 Mr. Charley Pride. That album was just too magnificent to pass up on!

I mean damn, when you say Country Music you pretty much say Billy Yates because he has embellished it on so many levels it’s uncanny. In 2000 he accomplished what Music Row said was impossible…he put George Jones on FM radio with ‘Choices” from the Cold Hard Truth album. He also wrote “I Don’t Need Your Rocking Chair” and more for Jones.

I have stated this before and I shall again and again. Country Music has three staple pillars of it’s foundations, the producer, steel guitarist, and songwriter. if you have ALL THREE, you have a platinum album. So with that in mind here let’s dwell on the songwriters for just a moment. WHAT MADE these people write these hit songs we all revere so much? I mean REALLY…WHAT was the story behind Max Barnes writing “Chiseled In Stone” or Don Schlitz writing “The Gambler”?

Well on April 6th The Americana Theater in Branson brings us the Billy Yates Hit Songwriters In The Round which will be a weekly show featuring 90 minutes of intimate rounds with those that wrote the classics. Each show will include a meet and greet as well as other enjoyable happenings.

tickets for Billy Yates’ Hit Songwriters in the Round are available at the Americana Theater box office at 417-544-8700 or online at www.HitSongwritersInTheRound.com.

Tickets for Raiding the Country Vault are available at the Starlite Theatre box office at 417-337-9333 or online at www.starlitetheatre.com

April 6, 7, 8 – Kerry Kurt Phillips & Wynn Varble
April 13, 14, 15 – Byron Hill & Wil Nance
April 20, 21, 22 – Buddy Jewell & Leslie Satcher
April 27, 28, 29 – Clay Mills & Mark Irwin
May 4, 5, 6 – Max T. Barnes & Jeff Bates
May 11, 12, 13 – Jim McBride & Jimmy Payne
May 18, 19, 20 – Bobby Tomberlin & Steve Dean
May 25, 26, 27 – Guest host: Michael Peterson with LuLu Roman & Leona Williams

Jan 082018

Folks I wanted to take a moment to interject here about Mr. Channing Wilson, I recently covered his show
that Mr. Josh Fairbanks met him. This is where he approached Mr. Channing about doing this, as we were BOTH blown away at his performance. You can read the article HERE from 3rd And Lindsley.

Scott Ashworth

I first saw this weeks featured artist Channing Wilson on December 23rd 2017 at 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville. I was really impressed and asked him if he would be interested in doing an interview for my page and he was so I am happy to share that with you guys now. Please remember to like this page in orders to ensure you don’t miss any of the musician interviews coming up in 2018 and also please share this post cause the simple act of clicking share helps spread and strengthen the music that we all love.

Round 1 – How long have you been a touring musician and on average about how many shows do you play each year?

Channing – “I have been playing music for a living for 18 years. I’m playing somewhere between 150 and 200 shows a year right now.”

Round 2 – Do you have plans to release a new album anytime soon and if so is there any details you can tell us about it?

Channing – “I just released a live acoustic solo album called “Live from Eddie’s Attic” back in September. I have played solo/singer songwriter kind of shows for so long I wanted to put a solo record out. I will be going into the studio in 2018 to record my actual “debut album.“ all I really know right now about it is it will probably have a lot of new songs that I’m not playing right now.”

Round 3 – I know it’s hard, hell almost impossible but if you could pick one song to listen to before you die, what song would you choose and why does that song and those lyrics mean so much to you?

Channing – “You’re right. That’s almost an impossible question to answer, but I’ll give it a try. I would have to say “Desperados Waiting On A Train” – Guy Clark would probably be the one for me. It reminds me of my entire life. My childhood, my grandfather, and was the song I heard that really made me want to be a better songwriter. Not to mention it’s one of the most well written songs of all time.
Reading your question again, I could assume I was going to die as soon as the song was over. With that being said, I would like to change my answer to “one trillion bottles of beer on the wall.”

Round 4 – I love animals so I ask everyone this question but do you have any pets, if so can you tell us about them?

Channing – “Absolutely! I have a six month old Basset Hound named Hank JR. He’s a lovable stubborn little shit just like his daddy. He also has just started his own Instagram page. @hankwilsonjr ”

Round 5 – What is your favorite thing to do outside of the music World?

Channing – “I am always getting into something, but to answer your question I would say …
Hanging out with my kids, fishing, hunting, Netflix, coffee, cooking, driving, whiskey, good cigars, traveling, and more. ”

Last Call – This is an open question so tell your fans and the people reading this whatever you would like them to know.

Channing – “First of all I am a fan of country music. I love country music. I actually love all kinds of music but when I open my mouth to sing the genre pretty much chose itself. Second, please follow me on social media. It is so important nowadays. Reach out and say hi. Y’all help me spread the word that it’s a great time for country music again and we don’t have to be force-fed generic music that we don’t want. I also love turning people on to my talented friends and other artists they may not know so, here goes…
Brent Cobb, Dave Kennedy, Kendell Marvel, Chris Canterbury, Adam Hood, Tommy Ash, Eric Dylan. Thanks for your time see y’all on the road.”

Jan 072018


This website is well known for heralding the impact of ALL our Country Music Legends of ALL times. I report on them when nobody else will, do you know how many people messaged me and said “I had NO IDEA Charley Pride” had anew album out?” See Mr. Charley was my NUMBER ONE album for 2017, you can elaborate more on that by reading it HERE.

I hear it all the time “GOLLY I didn’t know (so and so) was even still alive?” I partially blame my journalist constituents that  fail you, the reader for reporting very little on these people citing that “Nobody cares” or “It doesn’t garner enough hits on social media”..my initial response is who cares HOW MANY LIKES IT GETS? If it’s in your heart WRITE THAT ARTICLE.

So with that in mind if you remember in 2017 we lost Country Legend Mel Tillis to a lengthy  battle with an intestinal issue, he was better, he was not and so on and so forth..the fact remains he was loved and revered by US, his fans. My favorite song he did was an obscure one off the 1981 album Southern Rain called “Pyramid Of Cans”, and I’d like to tell you a few small things about that song.

It was penned by the Legend himself Mr. Buddy Cannon , whom at one time I got to talk to him a little about the song. It was quite an interesting conversation to say the least. But one really cool fact on this song was this, steel Guitar wizard Mr. Weldon Myrick was a prominent member of George Jones’s band “The Jones Boys” for many years, and also was a good session player.

BOTH Mr. Mel Tillis and Mr. George Jones recorded the song Pyramid Of Cans and took it to the top 10 of their respected year of release. The late Mr. Weldon Myrick played steel on BOTH recordings therefore he was the first steel player to do this.

On Wednesday January 31st at 10:00 AM, family and friends will gather at the historic Ryman Auditorium to honor the life and career of this Country Music Legend. Many relevany Country Music stars will assemble here to pay their respects and perform his music, the likes of Ricky Skaggs, Brenda Lee, Pam Tillis, Carrie April Tillis and the remaining members of the Statesiders. Jamey Johnson, Larry Gaitlin and the Gaitlin Boys, Alison Krauss, Collin Raye, Daryle Singletary, Lorrie Morgan, Ira Dean and Sonny Tillis.

Lonnie Melvin Tillis was born in Tampa, Florida on August 8, 1932. Throughout his 60+ year career, the Grand Ole Opry member recorded more than 60 albums, had 35 Top Ten singles, six #1 hits (“I Ain’t Never,” “Coca-Cola Cowboy,” “Southern Rains,” “Good Woman Blues,” “Heart Healer,” and “I Believe In You”), was named CMA (Country Music Association) Entertainer of the Year in 1976, and was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame the same year.

Tillis was elected a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2007. He wrote over 1,000 songs, 600 of which have been recorded by major artists including Kenny Rogers (“Ruby, Don’t You Take Your Love To Town”), George Strait (“Thoughts Of A Fool”), and Ricky Skaggs (“Honey, Open That Door”). Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) named Tillis Songwriter of the Decade for two decades. In February of 2012 President Obama awarded Tillis the National Medal of Arts.

Jan 072018

Well friends and neighbors I want to take a moment here and reflect on some things. I’m amazed at the growth of my small operation here, and what began as a hobby has blossomed into an actual business. Now five years later I have others working for me, and I can now cover NEW festivals and NEW markets while they cover my festivals I am already established at.

I was blessed enough to travel to over 14 states last year, to many different music scenes and shows. I mean literally hundreds of live shows last year, seven festivals and I visited West Virginia for W.B. Walker’s Old Soul Radio Show anniversary show. I have sat in so many Honky Tonks and watched so many bands perform, and studied many a musician. It’s NOT easy to pinpoint just ONE special performer to crown as artist that shines above all others to say they deserve to be THE artist of the year…BUT….

After much contemplation and judgement I HAVE pinpointed that VERY band in Th Legendary Shack Shakers and Mr. J.D. Wilkes. I’m sure after you read this article you will also agree that Mr. J.D. does indeed deserve this hallowed honor above all honors on this website. See this isn’t only because of his music, this is bestowed upon him because of his passionate personal love of history and preservation of music and art in general.

First I’m going to go back a few years to Muddy Roots Music Festival two years back in 2016, where Mr. J.D. played a terrific solo set on the old wood stage. He brought out an old piano that they used on Tin Pan Alley, back in the day and took us on a journey into history, as he played songs like “Bible, Candle And Skull” from the album Pandelirium .

He taught us about the times of Tin Pan Alley, before and during the great depression, when it was actually the driving force of entertainment that began in New York and trickled into the entire country. It made me WANT to go home and READ and study about this little place on West 28th. His set left me with greater knowledge then whence I came, and THAT was a true gift from him to me. Knowledge is power and sharing this power is something I cannot repay him for, I can only repay him by thanking him in public for caring enough to play that set.

This past spring at the Nashville Boogie this band stood out above the rest for sure. I mean for God’s sake they came out and began thrashing around like we were in an old club downtown…but yet we were in a ballroom. On the other side of that curtain you had classic cars, on the other side you have Mr. J.D. Wilkes going bonkers onstage diving into the audience.

Easily one of the highest energy sets of the entire Boogie I’ll never forget the night after at the Nashville Palace where Mr. J.D. got up on stage and joined Hillbilly Casino’s Mr. Ronnie Crutcher for a harmonica battle. That place was FULLEST I had ever saw the bar packed, the crowd were packed in like sardines as Mr. J.D. and company once again tore up the joint with harmonica licks that needed no amplifications.

Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers have gone through changes in the past years, and put out albums going in several directions. But this past summer for the Muddy Roots Cookeville festival, my favorite Shakers lineup played BY FAR the most epic Muddy Roots set they have EVER played.

This lanky man danced around the stage and bellowed out song after song of those beloved hits like ‘No Such Thing”  and “Dump Road Yodel” as the rest of the band just absolutely went ape shit. We had gorgeous weather last year and a huge attendance with a full tent.

He began looking around for mischief to get into, I could tell by his peeking around the stage as the show progressed that this eclectic front man was planning an exhibit of both dexterity and showmanship. I mean for God’s sake we already paid for an entire festival, yet all of these bands continuously tried to outdo one another on stage.

Alas, Mr. J.D. Wilkes did indeed outdo everyone last year at Muddy Roots in my opinion. As they pounded out songs which included his classic harmonica and special mic, he sang and played UPSIDE DOWN hanging from the rafters BY HIS LEGS…you will see my buddy Dustin Doug in one of these pictures up above as he howls and raises his fists in pure delight upon this spectacle.

These performances make an absolutely amazing minded musician MY artist of 2017, hands down. There is not one iota of doubt in my mind as I type this that he does not deserve this accolade, and at this time the future of  Th Legendary Shack Shakers is once again strengthened as they hit my TOP 50 OF 2017 with their new album called After You’ve Gone.

Once again Mr. J.D. takes the fans to the days of old fashioned cartoon animation, with their new video that features Posey. You know this video is modeled after the Betty Boop era cartoons, rubber legs and such. You can read my TOP 50 article where I talk about it more. Once again he honors his adoration of history and old time entertainment, as he incorporates that with his music.

And now, soon he will be releasing his solo album, that will garner much attention on this website from my right arm Mr. Joshua Wallace. He will be reviewing this new album very soon, and I’ll of course juxtapose this article with that article for sure.

Jan 062018

As we embark on 2018 here I am always on a quest to improve this website, and myself as your host. I study other websites for album releases and new, obscure bands for YOU to discover VIA this website. I mean isn’t that WHY YOU are here?

Last year was one hell of a fabulous year for music, and 2018 looks just as exciting because I have such an eclectic array of music I cover here.  So as I grow in other markets, while I maintain my presence in stronger ones I discover new bands every day.

So HERE is MY new list of albums I am anticipating and some I already have for 2018, and Mr. Joshua hasn’t sent me his review yet. IF YOU HAVE an album YOU want features email him at  jwoutlaw81@gmail.com

Monzie Leo And The Big Sky
Johnny Dango
Devin Dawson
John Gorka
Tom McElvain
John Prine
Anderson East
The Clark County Drifters
Tim Easton
Charley Overby
Ugly Valley Boys
First Aid Kit
Ruby Boots
Brothers Osborne
Caitlyn Smith
Mikey Lamantia
Mary Gauthier
Brandi Carlisle
Courtney Patton
Red Shahan
Vivian Leva
Ashley Campbell
J.D.Wilkes (solo)
Dallas Moore
Craig Gerdes
Mike And The Moonpies
Caleb Caudle
Urban Pioneers
Brooks Dixon
Walker mcGuire
Dusty Rust
Ben Miller Band
Steep Canyon Rangers
Wade Bowen
Lindi Ortega
Sam Morrow
6 String Drag
Shawn Colvin
Caroline Rose
Darling West
Corey Nolan
Kacey Musgraves
Kaitliyn Alyse

Jan 062018

If YOU have a show YOU would like added to my list PLEASE email me at garyhayes2@yahoo.com. I literally watch more than 40 venues in Nashville plus belong to many concert websites in order to bring you this coverage. NEW IN 2018, folks I am always looking for ways to enhance what I do for you. So this year I’ll be reporting on further Kentucky shows, and further Tennessee shows as well.

Folks WHATEVER YOU DO PLEASE support live venue music


Andrew Leahey And The Homestead
The Basement jan 18th

Greensky Bluegrass
Marathon Music Works January 20th

Dwight Yoakam
Ryman Auditorium January 16th and 17th

Sarah Gayle Meech
Robert’s January 18th, 27th,

Sarah Gayle Meech
Layla’s January 19th

Yonder Mountain String Band
3rd And Lindsley January 21st

William Mattheny
Arlo McKinley And The Lonesome Sound
Southgate House Kentucky January 21st

J.P.Harris and William Matheny
The Basement January 24rth

Kathy Mattea
Bluebird Cafe Jan 25th

Joe Diffie
Kentucky Opry January 26th

Jericho Woods
The Burl Lexington Ky January 26th

Pokey Lafarge
The Mercy Lounge January 26th and 27th

Nathan Belt And The Buckles
Cambria Hotel January 26th

Duane Mark
Dee’s Country Lounge Jan 26th

Howlin Brothers
Muletown Lumberyard Jan 27th

Pokey LaFarge
Southgate House Jan 28th

James Carothers
Whiskey Row January 29th

Jd outlaw
The Basement January 29th

Tillford Sellers
Adam Lee
Southgate House Feb 1st

Sarah Gayle Meech
Robert’s Feb 1st, 3rd,7th, 8th, 10th, 15th, 17th, 21st, 22nd,24th

Sarah Gayle Meech
Layla’s Feb 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd,

Joe’s Truck Stop
The Burl Lexington Ky Feb 1st

Sissy Brown
Southgate House Feb 2nd

Them Dirty Roses
Revelry Room Feb 3rd

Tommy Ash
The 5 Spot Feb 8th

Laid Back Country Picker
The Burl Lexington Ky Feb 8th

Justin Wells
Porter Union
Austin lance Howell
The Southgate House Feb 8th

Unkown Hinson
Exit Inn Feb 9th

The Basement Feb 10th

Tyler Childers
Bulls,Bands And Barrels in Lexington Ky Feb 10th

Wade Bowen
3rd And Lindsley Feb 10th

Infamous Stringdusters
Marathon Music Works Feb 10th

Steve Earle
Nashville Winery Feb 10th

Willie Watson
3rd And Lindsley Feb 11th

The Hardin Draw
The Boro bar Feb 17th

3rd And Lindsley Feb 18th

The Warehouse Mt. Victor Feb 21st

Caleb Caudle
Basement East Feb 21st

Carson McHone
The Burl Feb 21st

Randy Rogers Band
Marathon Music Works Feb 23rd

Scott H Biram
Hooten Hallers
Southgate House Feb 23rd

Scott H Biram
The Family Wash Feb 24rth

The Hooten Hallers
The Family Wash Feb 24rth

Carson McHone
Dees Lounge Feb 25th

Brothers Osbourne
Natalie Hemby
Mac Davis
City Winery Feb 28th

A Man Called Stu
Springwater Supper Club March 7th, 14th,21st and 28th

Sarah Gayle Meech
Robert’s March 1, 3rd, 7th, 8th, 10th, 15th, 17th, 21st, 22nd, 24th, 29th, 31st

Sarah Gayle Meech
Layla’s March 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd

Flatland Cavalry
The Basement March 9th

Sarah Shook And The Disarmers
The Basement March 23rd

Urban Pioneers
Southgate House March 27th

Urban Pioneers
Nashville Palace March 28th

Lorin Walker Madsen
Lynaugh’s Pub Lexington Ky March 28th

Sunny Sweeney
3rd And Lindsley March 29th

Sunny Sweeney
Spillway Bar And Grill March 30th

The Supersuckers
Southgate House March March 30th

Unknown Hinson
Zanzabar Louisville Ky April 4rth

Lee Ann Womack
The Basement East April 6th and 7th

The Steel Woods
The Warehouse Mt. Victor April 7th

David Allan Coe
Renfro Valley April 14th

Justin Wells
Manchester Music Hall Lexington Ky April 13th

Charlie Robison
City Winery April 19th

Raelynn Nelson
O Connors April 20th

Lindi Ortega
The Basement April 20th

Gene Watson
Renfro Valley April 21st

Margo Price
Ryman Auditorium May 20, 21 and 23rd

Dailey And Vincent April 28th

Colter Wall
Grand Theater May 18th

Ray Wylie Hubbard
Stoddart Family Farm Crawford Tn May 26th

Colter Wall
Louisville Palace Ky June 8th

The Reverend Horton Heat
Big Sandy And The Fly Rite Boys
Lara Hope And The Ark Tones
Southgate House June 13th

The Reverend Horton Heat
Exit Inn June 30th

The Blasters
Exit Inn July 1st

Shooter Jennings and Turnpike Troubadors
Beaver Dam Ampitheater August 4rth

Jan 062018

Hello everybody this is Gary Hayes here, and I would like to share with you this piece of information. ANYONE that would like to submit their albums to Gary Hayes Country please send it to the proceeding email.

Many bands are settling into their sound by their fourth studio album, but not the Urban Pioneers. Hillbilly Swing Music finds them continuing to refine their skills at western swing and country. This album still features the bluegrass and roots heavy sound you know and love, but they are also venturing out into other sonic landscapes.

Jared McGovern’s singing and songwriting has greatly improved and he feels right at home no matter what style of country and western he is performing with this band. Liz Sloan also feels more comfortable featured as a singer on this album. Her fiddle playing is as always one of the best parts of the band, and as always the upright bass duties are well played by Martin Sargent.

The title track sets the tone off right. It is one of three to feature pedal steel guitar work from Burton Lee. It’s a very dance able track that lets you know what you’re getting into from the start. “Run Little Rabbit Run” is a song that is more in the bluegrass tradition and it is in fact a traditional song that Jared wrote his own words for. It works and is one of the album’s many highlights.

Another favorite track of mine on this record is the light and fun “Kitty’s Favorite Day”. If you have ever owned a kitty, you know this is a true story, as silly as it is. I love how it’s fun and playful. The track is also one of two to feature the honky tonk piano styling of Basil McJagger. Another good track is the slower song “Tortured Orchard” which features the most diverse instrumentation for the Urban Pioneers yet with a dobro, a trumpet and a trombone. For all the diversity on this album, the Urban Pioneers didn’t forget where they came from. This album features plenty of songs that have the roots heavy Urban Pioneers sound you know and love.

A lot of bands tend to go stagnant by the fourth album, but the Urban Pioneers aren’t falling into that trap. They are continuing to refine their varied musical styles. This album ventures further into western swing than they have before with new instruments featured on the album to accomplish this. At the same time, they are remaining true to the sound they’ve always had and remain a roots heavy band with blistering fast banjo playing from Jared McGovern and some amazing fiddle playing by Liz Sloan. With Martin Sargent on bass, Urban Pioneers are a force to be reckoned with whether you’re hearing them on an album or live.

Hillbilly Swing Music is available now on various digital outlets with an official release date of January 23rd, 2018.

Urban Pioneers – Hillbilly Swing Music (2018)

1. Hillbilly Swing Music
2. Waste My Time
3. Why Don’t You Close Your Eyes
4. Throwed Out
5. Fast Money
6. Can’t Make You Love Me Too
7. Run Little Rabbit Run
8. Texas Wildflower
9. Flip, Flop, and Fly
10. Kitty’s Favorite Day
11. Smoky Mountains
12. Miller, Jack, and Maddog
13. Tortured Orchard

Favorite tracks : Hillbilly Swing Music, Run Little Rabbit Run, Kitty’s Favorite Day, Miller, Jack, and Maddog

Jan 032018

BRRRRRR It’s cold out folks, my neck of the woods is completely covered in ice and snow. In fact I was just stuck in my house for four days and researching some more of these festivals that were turned in to my email box. One of them I noticed that are happening soon is the WinterWonderGrass Festival in the Colorado and California areas February 19-21st 2016. There is a California edition of this festival in April.

Now I’m not going to lie to you folks this one’s a little on the pricey side boasting up to 250.00 for 3 day pass VIP, but after I post the lineup you won’t want to miss this one if you are in the area! And there are single day passes for a more affordable price, however this festival would be HARD to choose which day to only get to see.This festival is held in the scenic Avon Colorado at Nottingham Park’s 48 acres of wildlife and nature. This piece from their website:

Known as the “Heart of the Valley” for its geographic location as well as its strong sense of community and family-friendly atmosphere, Avon is a great place for both residents and visitors. Whether skiing, hiking, paddling the Eagle River or enjoying a leisurely day in town, you’ll find that launching your mountain adventures from Avon is easy and convenient.

With 6,500 year-round residents, plus another 3,500 part-time residents, Avon offers a small mountain town atmosphere with many amenities. The town serves as a gateway to the world-class Beaver Creek Resort and is eight miles west of world-famous Vail. Avon also offers a multitude of recreational opportunities, special events, parks, open space and trails, and a mix of local and national shops and restaurants.

Honestly this festival looks to be one of the most kid friendly ones on my roster this year, under 12 is free and there are many activities for them to do while you are enjoying the music. And there are a few tents that have kids activities from 3-7PM.


This from the mailing list:
When we set out to create WWG it was never with the intention to build a big music festival, quite the opposite actually. We all wanted to get back to our roots, back to the loving space a community gathering cultivated and to re connect with nature. This is one of the reasons we have no plans to expand capacity or sell more tickets. Bigger is not better, we are committed to curating inspired smaller spaces to reignite the conversation and human connection.

We are dedicated to delivering a high-quality experience in high quality communities, combining artists that truly care about you with partners that align to our altruistic team vision.

If you plan to join us in 2018, and we very much hope you do, please grab your tickets early as we expect to sell out quickly.

This is an OUTDOOR EVENT and since it is winter time they ask you to PLEASE dress accordingly and smart in order to enjoy the music and festivities. There will be warm vendor tents and beer halls where you can enjoy beer while staying warm and they also have smaller stages. HERE is a link to purchase tickets for this event, and here is a daily schedule for you with performance times as well.

Greensky Bluegrass
Leftover Salmon
The Lil Smokies
Horseshoes And Hand Grenades
Elephant Revival
Billy Strings
Yonder Mountain String Band
The Travelin’ McCourys
Trout Steak Revival
Jon Stickley Trio
Grantful Dead Review
Old Salt Union
Ghost Of Paul Revere
Brad Parsons Band
Joy Roemer Band
The Wooks
The Good Time Travelers
We Dream Dawn

Comfort Inn
The Christie Lodge
The Charter At Beaver Creek
Riverwalk Suites

Coming in SPRING of 2018 to California.


Jan 022018


Happy New Year’s everyone! I would like to kick 2018 off by introducing you all to my very talented kilt wearing brother from across the pond over in Scottland. He is not only a talented musician but also just a really nice guy. Please remember to like this page in orders to ensure you don’t miss any off the musician interviews coming up in 2018 and also please share this post cause the simple act of clicking share helps spread and strengthen the music that we all love.

Round 1 – What is the music scene like where you are from and what is it like trying to play country music there?

Scott – It’s a strange one over here. There is a big music scene, and lots of pubs and bars have live music, but the majority are only interested in you playing a real mixed bag 3hr set of cover versions. The country ‘scene’ is definitely growing over here in the UK though. It’s not necessarily the country music that I like or would like to play, but the interest is definitely there, largely because of that Nashville TV show I think. There is an annual festival over here now called Country2Country that draws some big names from across the pond, it’s had Reba, Miranda Lambert, Darius Rucker, Brad Paisley etc. Nobody yet that has made me want to buy a ticket though! That said, this rise in popularity of country music means that a lot of the acts that I do really like are starting to come across more frequently, so in 2017 I have managed to see Jason Isbell, John Moreland, Colter Wall, Brent Cobb, The White Buffalo all here in Scotland. People are starting to know that I love playing country, and because of people knowing about my trip across to the Ryman, I am starting to get asked to play Jinks stuff on some gigs, as well as stuff by Kristofferson and Merle eyc, which is great. Long may that continue.

Round 2 – Can you tell what your Nashville experience during Cody Jinks’ Ryman weekend was like?

Scott – I’m not sure I have enough space for this. It was absolutely incredible. Considering I only came across Cody Jinks because I was browsing Whitey videos on YouTube, and then discovered the Blacksheep ‘Flockers’ page just through searching Facebook to see if Cody had an official page, it has been amazing. From the sneaky set up of it all by Monica Lappa and Michael Gregory (and my wife) to getting there and witnessing the best show I have ever seen at The Ryman, it was the stuff of dreams. I have never been made to feel more welcome by a group of people in my life, and that is a testament to the good nature and generosity of the Flockers. At every turnz there was something else that I wasn’t expecting, or where the stars just seemed to align to make the trip better, like finding out that the Buffalo Ruckus, one of my favourite bands, were travelling in to Nashville to play a 1hr set 45 minutes after I landed at the airport. Honestly, words will never really be able to do justice to that weekend. The Ryman is the most special place I have ever watched a show, and to share the experience with so many people that I have come to consider great friends was very very special.

Round 3 – Where can people hear your music, do you have an EP or anything out they can buy?

Scott – So I have an EP called Drifting Away available on all the main digital platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Deezer etc. I do love performing my original stuff, but I just don’t normally get that much opportunity, but 2018 is already throwing up a few more opportunities, with support slots to some very talented singer/songwriters, so I’m looking to do quite a bit more writing with a view to getting either a longer EP out or a full album later in the year.

Round 4 – I am an animal lover so I ask almost everyone this, do you have any pets and if so can you tell us about them?

Scott – At the moment, we have a couple of fish and a cat named Charlie. We did have a dog, a beautiful Hungarian Vizsla named Riley, but she passed away when she was just 2 back in 2016. We haven’t been able to bring ourselves to get another dog yet, so went and got Charlie instead from the Cats Protection League, which sounds like some kind of sinister feline army, but is just a cat rescue place.

Round 5 – What’s your favorite things to do outside of music?

Scott – My other big hobby is fishing, although I don’t get that much time to do it these days, as I work full time and am then out gigging every weekend. But I have fished for 40 years and it will always be part of me. These days, it’s mainly Pike Fishing that I do when I do manage to get out. Fishing and sitting down with my guitar are the two most relaxing things for me, where I can lose all the pish and stress that have come out of the day job and just let any worries disappear. Last Call – Open message to say what ever you want people to know. Scott – Well, to all the people in the States and further afield who I have got to know over the course of the last 15 months through music, a massive thank you for taking this sweary British fella into your fold. Thanks to those who have had a listen to my little EP and said kind words of encouragement. And finally just keep spreading the word about all the great music that is out there. There is definitely a change a’coming in Country music and it’s because people like the folk that follow this page and because people like you Josh, are spreading the message, sharing shit hot music by extremely talented artists, and fighting together to make sure people know about ‘real’ music. Thanks guys.


Jan 012018

Tonight ,I braved some bitter cold on a new year’s eve night to go up to Glasgow Kentucky to a venue I have never reported a show from before, The Plaza Theater. Tonight is a special night for life and memories..it’s a first for MANY things for yours truly over here. Honestly I have no idea where to begin on the new, I try my best to keep this into the music only and not too personal but I HAD to share this..

Tonight is the first new year’s eve I have not drank any alcohol of any type for the entire duration of the night, in fact I haven’t had anything to drink in two weeks. I had to stop physically, my liver was damaged dramatically. So NOW I will just listen to songs about whiskey and barrooms instead of imbibing myself, to be completely honest I don’t miss it really..so far..

So now on to my next FIRST here tonight which I am proud of. I am reporting tonight from the Plaza Theater in Glasgow Kentucky in the second row for Mr. Whitey Morgan And The 78’s who played tonight with guests Mr. Ward Davis and Mr. Alex Williams. Also playing tonight was Mr. Josh Card And The Restless Souls. Now if you have never been to a show at the Plaza Theater , you need to experience it sometime. I already have an inside joke with the manager..they have REALLY good security. Well, this media job isn’t always backstage passes and free food, rules are rules and it’s understandable even with knowing all of the parties involved..so for this round folks NO videos.

If you will recall from last weekend I reported on Mr. Ward Davis and Tennessee Jet, with Mr. Channing Wilson you can read that RIGHT HERE. So tonight is the first time I have covered any band (or artist) twice in two weeks.ALSO, last night my TOP 50 OF 2017 was released. And Mr. Alex Williams is on that said list, so this is the first time I have covered a TOP 50 act the same night the list drops! Ergo, I am VERY ecstatic to elaborate on this show tonight.

The venue is a VERY beautiful and historic building with a pleasant ambiance and really cushy seats. A very nice front area before the stage, ample parking and a balcony. Also the handicapped area was quite spacious and nice. One of the only complaints was the bathroom set up was not enough to accommodate a full house. The theater was REALLY cold inside, however tonight is deathly freezing out, unseasonably cold indeed. ..and there were ample exits. The staff was EXTREMELY FRIENDLY and made it a very enjoyable show, EVERY member greeted me and wished a happy new year..several asked me if I needed seating location help. This venue rivals the Opry indeed!

The first up was Mr. Josh Card and the Restless Souls (you can buy his album on his name up above), is actually a side project of the acoustic guitar wizard you see onstage with Whitey Morgan.  You know much like the old days when Ernest Tubb wielded his Texas Troubadours all over America, The 78’s bear their own tight sound. They make Whitey Morgan Whitey Morgan if that makes any sense, I’m sure he would agree . I firmly believe his sound would change if he lost any of the members right now, you know E.T.’s sound DID change with the rotation of steel guitarists and drummers (in what I call) evolutionary periods of his tenure. Ergo, out of those times some of Country Music’s most influential stars emanated from the Texas Troubadours..I deem this is what we are seeing begin here with Mr. Josh

His 10 song album that was released in 2017 (that sounds weird) was impressive to me here, and although it didn’t make my TOP 50 it WAS an essential album to buy..SO GO CLICK UP THERE AND BUY IT. Yes from the very first song called “Go On And Get Gone” is a terrific song about kicking out a girl that throws the past in your face constantly. Usually within a week she’s back apologizing, and you just say GO ON AND GET GONE!

Mr. Cameron Cochran played some MIGHTY FINE steel guitar on this album here for this song “Call My Name” I pretty much related this to the alcohol calling my name at times, LAST NIGHT was funny to be sober when watching all these Morgan fans getting wasted in this fancy theater. Being drunk is FINE as long as YOU have a ride home, I’m hoping nobody was arrested last night. Find a NEW ME and I changed everything was a powerful lyric in that song.

I spoke to him not long ago and he told me that “History is everything, It’s what lays the guidelines for us to continue and innovate us as we go”. So the choices of covers he played here after the song “Meet Me’, were further proof of that statement.  “Never Go around Mirrors” was a hit for Lefty Frizzell  in 1973 which was also penned by Sanger  D. Shafer , however Mr. Josh played in in the 80’s style of Mr. Keith Whitley, additionally Merle Haggard made it a hit, Gene Watson, Daryle Singletary…etc… speaking of Merle Mr. Josh played ‘the Bottle Let Me Down”.

Back to originals here he played “Chase You Away” before playing “Bar Exam’. Originally I first heard this one in 2001 by the Derailers, however I’m not sure if indeed that was a cover of some rare B side I haven’t uncovered yet. But honestly that’s the FUN of this journalism gig, finding information like that.

Mr. Alex Williams made my TOP 50 Of 2017, with an impressive compilation of songs and right now he is in the works for a new album already. he played a new song halfway into his set called “Hard Living Blues”. I wish I could have recorded that on video but I was under a no video policy for this article.

“Hellbent Hallelujah” was the opener here as her just barreled into the rest of his list. He did very little speaking and acknowledged the crowd with a musical assault of Outlaw badassery. “Little Too Stoned”  was a prime example of the prime Honky Tonk beat that encompass Outlaw Country in today’s day.

He closed his portion of the show by switching to his acoustic guitar and playing the song he wrote about his grandfather called “Old Tattoo”. That song pretty much moved this album to “Definite Top 50 Worthy” and one reason why I placed it on there.

As I previously stated I covered Mr. Ward Davis last weekend and had a LOT of fun there, this set being a little shorter than previous. He opened with “Nothing At Home” and the song that Mr. Ray Scott wrote called “Pappa And Mamma”, which addresses physical abuse.

He brought the house down once again with the beautiful ballad called ‘Old Wore Out Cowboys” that garnered help from the likes of Jamey Johnson and Willie Nelson. Speaking of Willie Nelson he played a cover of the “Highwaymen”, as he does in every set. But perhaps the highest pinnacle of his set is the song he wrote with Mr. Cody Jinks called ‘I’m Not The Devil”. Pretty much every show he has us ALL singing along to that one.

His set closed with “Get To Work Whiskey” and finally his title track to his album called ’15 Years In A 10 Year Town”. I might have to break off of the Outlaw scene for a few weeks to cover other genres for sure, but YOU KNOW I’ll be back to it soon….now for Whitey Morgan.

His self titled 2010 release contained the first song “Bad News” which opened the show tonight, and set the tone for the evening with “Buick City Blues”. Both of these songs were on his recently released live from flint, and in 2018, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of a NEW Whitey Morgan album.

I absolutely adore the pop and twang intro to the song “Cocaine Train” which was made popular by Johnny Paycheck, although I truly enjoy their version  of this song, along with “Low Down On Backstreet”. That song was off their 2015 album Sonic Ranch. “Back To Back” was from their first album,which I really enjoyed.

This was a gargantuan set tonight down here, with songs from days of old like ‘Prove It All To You” from the first album. We were treated to a terrific version of “Still Drunk Still Crazy And Still Blue”. That song was made popular by Scott H Biram and also included was “Honky Tonk Queen”.

The song that was written by Country Legend Dale Watson called “Where Do You Want It” which is about Country Legend Billy Joe Shaver asking a well deserving idiot where he wants to be shot. Another really good song in this set was “Goin’ Down Drinking”, off the 2015 album Sonic Ranch. “Crazy” was one of the songs off the second album along with “Memories Cost A Lot”.

Whitey leads his band with great poise up there onstage and has evolved into a true figure that represents Outlaw Country music quite well. I could tell he wasn’t feeling well last night but ergo, he gave it 100 percent by all means. With songs like “I Ain’t Drunk”, he ushered in the new year with us in fine Outlaw style. He closed with the Marshal Tucker Band ‘Fire On The Mountain” before going into his encore, and re entering the stage area.

His encore contained “Sinner” and another favorite he does “Waiting Round To Die”. Ultimately this show was a blockbuster fashion to spend my new years eve in my NEW sober state. It’s NOT really that bad being the sober one at all these music shows, after all it’s MY job to remember what was played so YOU can enjoy THESE articles.


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