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Some Stories And Thoughts on The Hall Of Fame Inductees Of 2016.


Well folks by now I’m sure EVERY Country Music website around the globe along with every other media outlet has already reported the news concerning the Country Music Hall Of Fame inductees of 2016. I also shared with you the live stream this morning, and I would like to THANK everyone that watched it either on my site or through wherever.

But I’ll be honest, I like to do things a little bit differently than others. I’m not so much into “reporting” the news I like to share things and listen to other people share theirs. I watched in tears of joy as Miss Brenda Lee did a wonderful job of emceeing this event and when it was through, we learned that Fred Foster, Charlie Daniels, and Randy Travis all were granted Country Music’s highest accolade.

Now mind you, YES there were my personal favorites I wanted to see inducted as well..and the fight rages on and rages on about who deserves it more. The fact is we aren’t the CMA panels that voted and elect the members, we are fans and collectors and music lovers. Sometimes you have no control over things however I’ll be honest, I thought they were decent choices.


January 19th, 2008 at the Grand Ole Opry…like Billy Don Burns song says “I Was There”. I attended the Opry the night Charlie Daniels was inducted and I was very happy for him, I felt he deserved to be a member. Since then he HAS been one of the few that is TRULY playing his Opry dates and more. I feel that even more so now we will be able to visit the Opry and see Charlie Daniels the way the Opry was intended to be..a “home” to see him when he is road weary and closing in on retiring from that life.

He HAS indeed put in his time as an artist and given us many albums to enjoy and many memories to share and even still today he burns up stages all over the world, and holds dear the service men and women all over the world. It’s always been an honor to be a fan and I hope he continues his Opry respect and Volunteer Jam.

Randy Travis, what can I say that hasn’t already been said? A true shining star of my youth from a very prominent period of the fade of Outlaw Country into the 80’s. I LOVE the period of Country Music Randy is from, along with the people of his ilk the likes of Ricky Van Shelton and The Judds.

A fighter a very strong fighter to overcome such demons, personal roadblocks and twists. Before one can truly judge another man make sure you are perfect, although “On The Other Hand” it is normal for us to scold past actions. In my opinion Randy Travis and the 80’s and 90’s stars are the last of the MAJOR contributors for a craft that is fading in mainstream music…songwriters.

TRUE there are SOME mainstream albums garnishing hits for writes as Tony Stampley still proves on Hank Williams Jr’s new album but sadly the Jerry Fosters and Dallas Frazier days are dwindling. And it’s sad because half the FUN of collecting vinyl is seeing those names on the label sticker. Piecing together the big puzzle of people like Felice and Diadorius Boudleaux Bryant who wrote many of the Everly Brothers hits and our Tennessee State song “Rocky Top”.

Fred Foster was a name that I did eagerly reckon I would hear nominated one day, I appreciate his production work on early Dolly Parton albums like “Dumb Blonde” and the likes of those. A man that took his life’s savings and risked it all to buy Monument Records in the 1950’s right after the death of Country Music’s bombshell artist Hank Williams.

He produced all of the Roy Orbison songs we so dearly love and have never forgotten and has produced albums for so many artists if I named them all I would be up until 6AM. He co-wrote “Me And Bobby McGee” which became one of Kristofferson’s most beloved hits.

I thought they were decent choices as a Country Music fan, and that’s pretty much all I really am…but the neat thing that remains is “I Was There”.

Music Festivals 2016: The James Wimmer Bristol Bluegrass Spring Fest.

The Westport Roots Festival
The Nashville Boogie
Moonrunners Music Festival
Picki’n In The Pasture
John Hartford Music Festival
The Blue Ox Music Festival
The Duck Creek Log Jam


This edition of my ever popular festival series takes me over to the scenic state of Virginia…Bristol Virginia to be exact. Now before I move on to anything else about this festival it IS INDOORS AND happens at a hotel and convention center already. So with that being said I have NOT researched any further hotels for this article, instead I’ll just include the location link for the festival itself.

THIS is the link to the convention center that is hosting this event and you can directly buy tickets to this event HERE. This one is a two day indoor event and honestly the ease of getting to your room without getting into a vehicle is truly nice. I like this event a LOT!

The lineup is truly awesome and it features some headliners within the ranks of Bluegrass for sure! Some of these acts at an area would cost half of the whole festival total! As always the band names are linked to websites all you need to do is click on the ones you haven’t heard of.

2:00 PM – John Goad And The New Hawkins County Grass
3:00 PM – VW Boys
4:00 PM – Sideline
5:00 PM – Jeff Brown And Still Lonesome
6:00 PM – Mike Bentley And The Cumberland Gap Connection
7:00 PM – Marty Raybon
8:15 PM – Ernie Thacker
8:30 PM – Larry Cordle And Lonesome Time
​10:00 PM – Lonesome River Band

Saturday Lineup
12:00 PM – Hollow Ground
12:45 PM – Crooked Road Ramblers
1:30 PM – Ralph Stanley II
2:15 PM – Volume Five
3:00 PM – The Grascals
3:45 PM – IIIrd Tyme Out
4:30 PM – The Sandy Shortridge Band
5:15 PM – Hollow Ground
6:00 PM – Randall Hibbitts
7:00 PM – Ralph Stanley II
7:45 PM – Volume Five
8:30 PM – Larry Sparks & The Lonesome Ramblers
9:45 PM – Grascals
10:30 PM – Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out

Old Crow Medicine Show Honors Bob Dylan At Hall Of Fame.


Grand Ole Opry members Old Crow Medicine Show will be doing a very nice tribute show to Bob Dylan at The Country Music Hall Of Fame May 12th and 13th in the museum’s CMA Theater to support the exhibit “Dylan,Cash And The Nashville Cats: A New Music City”. This performance will include the entire double album “Blonde On Blonde”, which featured many classics that Dylan still performs today live.

Tickets for this event go on sale April 1st at 10AM and are available on Ticketfly, and are 34 and 39 dollars.
This is in conjunction of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the album and the exhibit. As far as I know Old Crow Medicine Show is working on their new album and of course I’ll be keeping track of them!

Watch the Country Music Hall Of Fame Stream The NEW Inductees LIVE!


Right up above there on that Youtube video you can watch the LIVE stream of the 2016 Country Music Hall Of Fame which will air on Tuesday morning 10:00 Central and the event will be hosted by Country Music Legend Brenda Lee.I’ll be watching on Tuesday morning to see what becomes of this event, it can either wind up as classic disaster or groundbreaking history! The CMA has been known to conveniently “forget” some well deserved people within the ranks of Country Music’s past.

This year the institution will recognize artists in three categories: Veterans Era Artist

Modern Era Artist


The Non-performer category is rotated every year with Songwriter,Recording and Touring Musician. The Veterans Era is for people whom have been out of prominence for Forty years plus, and the Modern Era is for people whom have been out of prominence for Twenty years.

The event awards are decided by two anonymous  panels of CMA members that include historians and people involved within the business, that supposedly “embrace change”….you KNOW what that means. I have seen and heard some really insane shenanigans from these “panels” in my time, however I always hold respect for them because they KNOW what they are doing.

We ALL have our specific ones WE want to see inducted, but let’s be honest…they can’t get to them ALL so let’s cut them some slack unless they induct someone like Shania Twain over Dottie West!  So Tuesday night I shall release an article with the three inductees and my thoughts on that situation, no matter how good or bad.

Next Generation: Sons And Daughters Of Country Legends.


Those wonderful folks over at Nashville Palace have announced yet another really good show called Next Generation Sons And Daughters Of Country Legends and this is the fifth year of this program.

The Nashville Palace has been partnering up with some great music institutions to bring some truly great music to the venue and some fantastic DJ’s to spin records between sets! You can mosey on over HERE to buy 20 dollar printable tickets to your emmail box or you can also will call them.

The Nashville Palace also has REAL GOOD food and a front bar with great daily acts, why I go there to see Sarah Gayle Meech, David Peterson and 2 Country 4 Nashville, Joshua Hedley and more! Man I could walk around and admire the walls adorned with history for HOURS, in fact my home is exactly the same decor.

OK So here is the lineup for that night’s event on Thursday June 9th 2016 in the back parlor, doors will open at 6 promptly and trust me I’m sure will come out with priceless stories of some of your favorite Legends as told by their children that evening. I read books about Country Music a LOT but I’ll be honest nothing enthuses me more than to listen to my buddy Mr. Donnie Winters tell stories about his father and Bobby Sykes and Marty Robbins. Another daughter I’m interested to see is Sharon Wilburn, I’m on a Wilburn Brothers kick lately I reckon Lynn Woodruff fueled it by her book. I been studying Margie Bowes and Teddy Wilburn a ton lately.

Robyn Young
Hawkshaw Hawkins, Jr.
Chris Golden
Cherish Lee
Kathy Twitty
Karen Wheeler
George Hamilton V
Mark Cash
Steve Kilgore
Shelly West
Melissa Luman
Chrystie Wooley
Tom Bresh
Sharon Wilburn
Donnie Winters
Seidina Reed
… and other special guests!

Featuring the Loaded Dogs Band. Doors open at 6:00pm.

Album Features.


Lorrie Morgan: Letting Go….Slow

Well it has been five years since Lorrie Morgan has released any new music for us to enjoy, and this album is indeed a noteworthy addition to your collection. She has sold over eight million copies of albums and charted fourteen top tern hits, and won numerous awards at events. She became an Opry member at only twenty four which makes her the third youngest ever to be inducted.

Her late father, George Morgan is iconic to the Opry having been the very last performer on the Ryman stage and the very first performer on the NEW Opry stage before he left us in July of 1975. And now, her son Jessie Keith Whitley plays Country Music as well. In fact these three have began my first piece from my collection project of “Three Generation Families”, I have a signed picture of George Morgan and also had Miss Lorrie and Mr. Jessie sign it.

“Jesus And Hairspray” was my favorite song on this whole album, I loved the steel and the song flow. It is her newest single off the album and it’s one of the originals on the album. Her daughter in law wrote the title track from this album called “Slow” and she self explained on her website that it had everything to do with her recent divorce to Sammy Kershaw. She describes the event to be one of the most difficult times in her life because she was still in love with him and wasn’t willing to let go.

There are some pretty good covers on this album like “Is It Raining At Your House” made popular by “The Voice” Vern Gosdin and “Ode To Billy Joe” made popular by Bobbie Gentry. Perhaps the best cover on this album was “Iv’e Done Enough Dying today” which was originally a Larry Gaitlin song from 1977.

“Strange” was an original song Lorrie co-wrote and it had a Roy Orbison feel to it with some truly fine piano and steel guitar work. It really flowed nicely and opened the album well, I could see the Mavericks covering this song for sure. “Lay Lady Lay” was a Bob Dylan song from 1980 and the funny thing was that the longtime argument of whether Pete Drake played steel on that song or did Sonny Garrish?

Another new song was called “Spilled Milk” which was slow bluesy type song that showcased her voice quite well, and much like Loretta Lynn her voice has not aged in the slightest bit. I would highly recommend this album for your collection however I’m not sure right now if you’ll see it on my Top 50 or not….


Aubrie Sellers: New City Blues

This debut album from Aubrie Sellers who is the daughter of Jason Sellers and Lee Ann Womack is truly a roller coaster of songs from one type to another. It opens eerily slow with “Light Of Day” which quickly transitions into a moderate tune,however it is a well written song. In fact all fourteen songs on this album are truly well written and it sounds good, it is well produced.

“Sit Here And Cry” takes it up a notch with good fuzz box guitars and honky tonk beats. This was one of the better songs on the album in my opinion however the song that follows “Paper Doll” was a rock infused song that sounds like a Joan Jett head banging song about plastic cookie cutter men and women. Like I said the whole album isn’t all traditional Country and that’s not a bad thing.

It flips over to Country again with a steel guitar infused moderate beat song called “Losing Ground” which was cleverly written like the rest of them and you can easily tell the influence of her mother in this song both vocally and musically. It sounds exactly like what her mother put out in 2014 with her latest groundbreaking album. “Humming Song” was another good moderately slow song, I don’t believe there are any filler songs on this album!

“Liar Liar” sounded to me to be the most commercially friendly song on the album, I couldv’e heard Carrie Underwood doing that song however I think Aubrie does a better job than anyone on it. “Just To Be With You” is a rabble rousing outlaw type song that kicks up her heels and showcases more of her versatile voice.


Husky Burnette: Ain’t Nothin’ But A Revival

You know folks I been waiting a LONG TIME for another loud burly punch in my mouth from my friend Brian Husky Burnette, I mean daggum it he is just mind blowing loud dirty blues. If you come out of a Husky show feeling bad you are off your rocker! I haven’t gotten the opportunity to cover his set since Crooked Smile Fest last year however this year I have seen his name on some of the festivals I’m covering.

First off before I even tell you one song on the album I have GOOD NEWS, it was produced by Andy Gibson. ANYTHING he produces is GOLD I wouldn’t care if he produced a homeless guy singing the ABC’s, it would sound dynamic. He brought us “Fire And Hail” by .357 String Band and from there he went on to produce many more stellar album, he most likely produced some before “Fire And Hail” and right now I it just slipped my mind. You’ll have to forgive me I’m still al little sick with sinus flu.

Another positive thing I’ll point out is the album is long in song time length but short at only eleven songs. Overall it’s a damn fine album and I’m quite pleased with it, as it opens to my expectations with “Best I Can” which is a slam banging loud assed rocket ride through him telling you he’s a Husky boy and he’s not a ladies man. This song is full of trademark Husky slide solos and band music while he rips raw and filthy on them strings.

“Kick Rocks” was the first single I ever heard from this album and I am pretty sure he played it for us last year or I pre-heard it somewhere if I’m wrong. He includes his ever popular buddy The Colonel J.D.Wilkes of Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers harmonica in this song and it accompanies the song very well. And my friend Sweet Georgia Brown also had hands in producing and mastering this project which was released on Rusty Knuckles label.

“Chicken Grease” was just a weird sounding song altogether but it was different twist from the rest of the album in direction and it was only two minutes long. “Dog Me Down” was the only song on this entire album Mr.Brian didn’t write himself as Miss Bethany Kidd joined him on vocals for it and co-wrote it as well.

“See,I Moan The Blues” was just absolute classic Husky Burnette I have come to expect out of him with guitar tone and growling lyrics that easily identify him from the rest. Man you can hear the songs and say YEP THAT’S HUSKY!
“Pay By The Hour” was a slower song and was the longest on the album at a whopping six minutes long, hoever it’s six minutes of GOOD will NOT be disappointed with this album as I sure the hell wasn’t, Top 50 you ask? YES it will be!


Joey And Rory: Hymns That Are Important To Us

You know this album has no original material and honestly WHO CARES? It was precious Gold and this album should be held in HIGH REGARD by ANY Country Music lover, you NEED to have this album. The album opens with Joey Feek singing with NO music and her voice is flawless and smooth as the finest silk. One must remember she was VERY SICK when this album was recorded, in fact right after it she decided to give up her fight with cancer and return home to enjoy her final days with her loved ones.

She did just that as we recently lost her and the whole time she suffered on Earth Joey Feek reached out and cried for Jesus and in my opinion she died with more dignity than anyone else I have ever witnessed in the music industry.
On this album Joey And Rory sing all their favorite classic Hymns that are still popular within churches all over the world.

My personal favorite “The Old Rugged Cross” was covered better by them than anyone I ever heard second close would have been Brad Paisley. “Softly And Tenderly” was another truly wonderful song that was powered by Joey’s heavenly vocals I bet she is truly admired even by the Angels up there, because when you join her voice with a steel guitar you cannot get more Country.

“I’ll Fly Away” and “How Great Thou Art” are two we ALL were raised on and know by heart. I’ll be honest I cannot listen to this album without tears not just because we lost such a truly blessed person but the way they present these Glorious songs on this album. I bet even Vestal Goodman herself would agree these performances are worthy of God’s Golden Throne room itself and if it’s not up there I will be surprised.

Happy Easter My Friends, Thanks For Reading My Website.

Music Festivals 2016: The Duck Creek Log Jam.

The Westport Roots Festival
Moonrunners Music Festival
Picki’n In The Pasture
John Hartford Music Festival
The Blue Ox Music Festival
The Duck Creek Log Jam

Up there in them Hocking Hills of Ohio is the 5th annual Duck Creek Log Jam for 2016 on Memorial Day Weekend. Mr. Kyle and his crew do some truly great things for string bands and Bluegrass and Roots music up there in Ohio and this festival is a prime example. It’s known for it’s family friendly atmosphere in a stripped down non corporate setting and you will not pay 5 bucks for a bottle of water!

There are two camping areas for you, and honestly many other festivals are following suit in this fashion. One is family area where you are required to be quiet after the music stops and the party down zone where you CAN continue to party and pick all night long. Now HERE there is also what they call Dispersed Camping which means you can camp out in the woods instead of an open area, and the staff can help you find a really cool spot! AND NEW this year is their fully direct already set up facilities where all you do is pay and show up and it’s ALL SET UP for you, you can get more info on that HERE.

There is a 10 dollar parking fee due when you arrive but the venue is really spacious and nice, and there are no showers at this festival and the vendor area is quite large. You cannot have campfires just anywhere instead they have community fires for you, and this is a HUGE campground so I’m assuming there is more than one fire going.


There’s a festival map with complete layout of all three stages and all camping areas. Before I discuss the lineup and any hotels I research for this area I should point out that there are no pets allowed here and no golf carts either.

The Tillers
Tyler Childers
Ben Miller Band
Larry Keel Experience
Whiskey Shivers
Trout Steak Revival
The Howlin Brothers
Hocking River String Band
Coal Town Rounders
Strung Up
Gage Brothers
Knockin Spirits
Mr. Eric
Fret Mashers

So let’s see if THIS LINK will work and it will take you to ALL the hotels in the area along with prices and information.

Goodbye Steve Young We Love You.


You know folks there are MANY Country Music websites that will write articles about Steve Young and write you facts about his life, well I’m going to do that too. But I’m going to tell you some real things too because much like the Billy Don Burns song…I was there. Many of my songwriter friends I look up to like Tom Ghent and Billy Don Burns also looked up to Steve Young.

Last Thursday I was with Shooter Jennings covering one of his shows with his father’s band Waymore’s Outlaws and I saw Mr. Dallas post on social media he died, and I wasn’t sure what was going on so I didn’t tell anyone. Mr. Steve played some work on Shooter’s new album Countach and I know Shooter was VERY influenced by him as he wrote “Lonesome On’ry and Mean” which was covered by his father Waylon Jennings and became a classic.

Steve Young was a part of what my friends and I have billed as the “Altamont Seven”. Up there on a bitter cold weekend mountain festival in Altamont Tennessee what turned out to be a commercial failure to some, turned out to be a prominent part of local music history.

That weekend forged some powerful friendships and alliances to which still apply to my life today, both professionally and personally. It also ushered in one of biggest ordeals in local music for many years, the death of Wayne Mills. Little did we know that just a short period after this event Wayne Mills would be lost, and many people mourned the loss..Mr. Steve was one of them.

In 1969 he released his debut album which was called “Rock Salt And Nails” wrote by Utah Phillips and later covered by Tyler Childers who I’ll be featuring in West Virginia in a few weeks, and after that he released 14 albums none of them charted accept his 1976 album “Renegade Picker”.

In 1972 he released his second album “Seven Bridges Road” which became his most commercially successful song being cut by the Eagles and also by the Winters Brothers, and he also charted with the song “It’s Not Supposed To Be That Way” I have dug up the link to my article I worte for the Altamont Seven HERE.

He released so many albums that were commercially and historically overlooked and they contained so many truly awesome songs like his 1975 “the White Trash Song” and “Montgomery In The Rain” which one of my heroes Buddy Emmons played steel guitar on, another classic song he wrote was called “All Her Lovers Want To Be The Hero”. I’m sure that I can speak for many when I say Mr, Steve will be sorely missed and will always be loved here on Earth but I’m quite sure he is playing rounds with some of the finest pickers to have ever graced the stage.

More Shooter Jennings News, Show Dates And Billy Don Burns.


Well folks in case you missed my coverage of last week’s Shooter Jennings and Waymore’s Outlaws show at the Wanted Saloon you can find it Here. Now this article has SOME info on the new Billy Don Burns album that BCR is releasing on Record Store Day (April 16th) on limited edition white vinyl…yep only 1000 copies will be sold.


I also wanted to further include more tour dates for the next leg of their tour, right now they are up in Chicago with Jahshie P and my Moonrunners friends after having Sunday night off. I’m honestly not sure when my next time I’ll be able to see Shooter and Miss Misty and the gang…it makes me sad but you know in order for me to cover the literally thousands of bands I do cover, it’s something I have to deal with.


Here’s most of my thoughts on his new album Countach, you know I read a LOT of “Country Music” websites printing things like “it’s the weirdest country music album ever”, and I’m scratching my head thinking it’s not Country however it has some Country roots mixed in..make sense? It’s AWESOME in my opinion but just STOP trying to put into a category, it deserves a place in all kinds of categories.

It is Shooter letting us into his heart and mind, it’s him sharing what influenced him to become Shooter Jennings..hell he named Black Country Rock after David Bowie and Giorgio had ties with him too. I’ll tell you what “The Never Ending Story” was quite a big part of my youth like Shooter, in fact I feel very close to him with childhood memories. This portion of the album took me so far back in time it was absolutely uncanny, and I loved it.

The entire album was portions of all kinds of bits and pieces of things like a part of his father’s iconic songs juxtaposed with the creator of a popular computer role playing game (RPG) from when we grew up. There’s also some work form Country Songwriting Legend Steve Young, who wrote songs for his father. Sadly when I was covering Shooter’s set last week we lost Steve Young to Hillbilly Heaven and we miss him.

I think he should be applauded for straying off the lines and doing what he wants and risking insults of some of his fans digressing this album, or ANY of his other albums. I know that so many people had to encourage Shooter to even attempt this album, and I’m glad he did because as a fan it gives me a better glimpse at what makes him tick..he has so many influences and directions and it’s not selfish to express them in your own way at that much risk of critical shots from “Country Music Websites”.

Country Legend Dolly Parton Returns To Touring And Releases New Album.


2016 is panning out to be quite an impressive year for Country Music already, with so many landmark albums already released before the summer even begins. This spring has been chocked full of heavy hitting albums from big names already with Loretta Lynn, Gene Watson, Shooter Jennings and more. My Top 50 for 2016 is already filling up with possibilities from so many directions, Bluegrass, Roots, String bands and others.

NOW Country Legend Dolly Parton has announced that she is touring fully and releasing a brand new album in 2016 as well. This means most likely more Opry appearances for her as well, and I’m quite sure this will be indeed be a huge concert deal. This tour will include over 60 dates in the United States and Canada and as of yet I have no information regarding the dates yet, so I’ll be updating this article in the near future.

“Pure And Simple With Dolly’s Biggest Hits” will be a two disc set and I’m also told it is in talks with being marketed exclusively through Cracker Barrel however that’s NOT been totally confirmed as of yet. I HAVE been informed that there WILL be all new songs on the album and she will be performing these new songs on this tour, as well as some songs that Dolly has not performed in over 20 years live.

On May 3rd her movie about her life “Coat Of Many Colors” will be released on DVD finally. Her next TV film will be called “Jolene” and will be based on the song. I have a feeling that 2016 is not over yet with BIG NAMES popping up within the ranks of new releases and concert tours, I also have a slight prediction about a certain popular trio that might be reuniting after a several year hiatus.

Album Features.


The Barnyard Stompers: Casey Miller And The Barnyard Stompers.

This past year at Muddy Roots Music Festival in Cookeville Tennessee was the last time I got to see these two road warriors that preach about the saw. Miss Megan is one of the most nicest and talented multi-musicians you’ll find behind a drum set, and Mr. Casey is a wild man behind the front Mic and together their set is quite fun to watch. Even when they do covers I enjoy their versions of the song as much as the original, however when they put out a new album I love the fact that this band IS original. I’m not looking for an album full of half covers I’m looking for ALL original, and THAT IS what this band is offering today.

“If I Die On This Highway” is a really well written upbeat rabble rousing song with some great steel guitar that was a great opening song to this album. Since I’m a dock worker I LOVE trucker songs with telecaster twang and steel guitars, and this song offers just that. It gives it a Dave Dudley/Red Simpson vibe with a new twist on sound, and the line about ashes in a Lone Star can was cool.

“TNT” was a pretty cool Western Swing type throwback song that was obviously inspired by Jimmie Rodgers and Red Steagall and folks of their ilk. Mr. Casey PROVES that he can sing gritty and wild or Swing type tame Texas Swing. And of course I been saying for years that Miss Liz Sloan is one of the finest most talented musicians involved in underground music today. It quickly changes direction with “Road To Knoxville” with a thunderous booming mixture of Honky Tonk Country with a really good job of production.

” Big 12 Gauge Shotgun” was MY favorite song on the entire album because I like the two step songs with the curling steel guitar fills that bring out the vocals and push the song. I LOVE guns and MY guns have my friends most of my life too. I have always been an advocate of firearm safety and respect, so I related WELL with this song AND the pedal steel solo was REALLY GOOD! “When She’s Drinki’n” was a really well written slow ballad song that I think was one of the top two songs on this album, I really enjoyed that song and if they don’t play it when I see them next live I’ll be sad. This album has a lot of pedal steel solos added and in my opinion it’s my favorite of their three albums..there are quite a few good lines on it, their songwriting has evolved for the better on this album (not that it was bad before).

“Devils Horn” was a song I heard last year at the festival and if you’ll remember me saying it was not bad, not one of my favorites however. “We Came We Sawed” was one of their ever popular Texas based chainsaw songs that you come to expect from them Stompers, it wouldn’t be the same without one…or two….or three. God bless those two. “Truck Drivin Man” was one I THOUGHT was going to be the ever popular song written by Terry Fell that Buck Owens recorded but it was an original with upbeat twangy tempo with lyrics about doing rails on bathroom sinks…because “Jesus Don’t Live In America Nomore”. I’ll be honest folks if you go see the Barnyard Stompers live you will NOT be disappointed and tell them I sent you.


Randy Rogers Band: Nothing Shines Like Neon

This album has honestly earned a spot on my Top 50 for 2016 before spring even hits us! It opened pretty slow and smooth with “San Antone” which was full of fiddle and steel, it is true Texas local music. This band plays so well together that I’m pretty upset they don’t come to my area. This album is their ninth offering (not counting a live album).

“Acti’n Crazy” was probably the best song on the album with a line in the song “The Rent’s As High As Willie” which was well inventive,the guest spot filled by Jamey Johnson also made this song one of the best on the album. VERY well produced and well put together song wise. “Tequila Eyes” could quite possibly be a good commercially successful song if they put it on radio…but they wouldn’t it’s “Too Country”. It reminded me of some of the good ol’ nineties Clint Black Country.

“Takin It As It Comes” was a song that brought out a name I haven’t heard of in some time Jerry Jeff Walker. It’s an up tempo slamming banging song with some Honky Tonk piano and beer drinking lyrics. “Neon Blues” was another song that sounds like it came out of the nineties radio era Country and that’s NOT a bad thing honestly, I truly enjoyed the throwback sound. “Things I Need To Quit” was a Honky Tonk anthem of uptempo bar stories full of fiddle that any Country Music lover will enjoy…I did.


The Glade City Rounders: Don’t Get Weary

Folks this is one of the BEST string bands around Tennessee and one of the most entertaining bands I know of, they know me well and I so dearly love these three guys. They frequent the Muddy Roots festival as well almost every year you can hear them in the afternoon jamming away on kazoos and banjos to old timey tunes that take me WAY back to my Grandparents era where people needed to be dunked in the creek for their action on Saturday night, because if we ain’t sinning then Jesus died for nothing.

This album has a song called “Georgia Crawl” on it which is a hopping fast paced string band song that is sure to have the whole tent dancing this year! Along with another downright jam called “Blues In A Bottle”, I MUST tell you I just absolutely LOVE this type of many melodies and notes coming at your brain. They truly outdid themselves with this album and I think it’s even better than the last album!

It’s a short album with only eight tracks but the important thing is the eight songs are all really good “Ruffle Drawers” is one hell of a cool instrumental song that showcases their individual talents really well, much like the Tillers or Woody Pines these boys are all DAMN FINE pickers in their own right. I could listen to them rip songs with no lyrics all night long.

Another really good song on the album was “Sand Mountain Drag” with good fiddle sawing and banjo picking on it, this song was originally recorded in the 1930’s by a left handed banjo picker from Gerogia named John Dilleshaw. From what I DO know about him (which isn’t much) he was about as tall as Stringbean Akeman..I read a few books with mention of his name in them. This band always does some extremely obscure songs from the Depression Era when REAL String Band music was around.

“Don’t Get Weary” was another fine title track song from this album that is another fun filled song that ANY audience will be able to sing along to and I cannot wait to hear this new material live somewhere along the road this year. KUDOS to you boys you done did a SUPER FINE job of this album, I’m enjoying it on X Box music I’ll have to order a hard copy!

Country Legend Jimmy Eaves Dies.


I been working on the website all day and I have had a few beers and I have been checking out new music all night. I JUST GOT a call from a dear friend that left a voice message to me saying Jimmy Eaves lost his battle with kidney failure out there in Texas. He was a prominent radio figure in Traditonal Country Music in the local Texas music scene with his wife Miss Jenny. He also was guest on the Midnite Jamboree and the Opry, amoung many other Country Music outlets.

Jimmy was born in an Oklahoma town that no longer exists and also from a small town named Poolville Oklahoma. At a very early age he was given a guitar and taught by friends to play Hank Williams songs, and began performing at churches. In 1955 after his hero passed away he was under the impression Country Music was not going to move forward and he enlisted in the service, and in 1958 he was discharged.

Drought and depression were prominently what he returned to when he came home and he did farm work until the Legendary Panther Hall opened in 1961. He was very involved in the historic Country Music venue until his children were born, and he decided to quit the business to raise his children and be a father. For nearly twenty years Jimmy did not perform or record music to be there for his family.

After his children were grown, he began his musical career again. He formed a band in the late 1980s and called it the “Pure Country Band”. He recorded the first album in 1990. A tribute to Hank Williams, Sr., it was called “Jimmy Eaves Sings the Hits of Hank Williams”. He was also performing in the Fort Worth Stockyards at a club called “The Longhorn Saloon” for about six years. Other CDs followed; one in 1997 entitled “Jimmy Eaves Sings Pure Country” and another in 1999 entitled “Bringing Back Memories”.

In May of 2001, Jimmy and Frankie Miller released a country gospel CD called “Frankie Miller and Jimmy Eaves Singing Gospel Music the Country Way”. Jimmy says it was a pleasure to work with such a talented person as Frankie Miller, “The Black Land Farmer” and they also tour together on most shows. They have performed with many country acts such as Johnny Bush, Darrell McCall, Willie Nelson, Claude Gray, Floyd Tillman, Tilmon Frank and others over the past few years. Jimmy and Frankie were guests on “The Midnight Jamboree” at the Troubadour Theater in Nashville, Tennessee with Darrell and Mona McCall also at the original “Ernest Tubb Record Shop” on Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee with host George Hamilton IV.

Music Festivals 2016: The Blue Ox Music Festival.

The Westport Roots Festival
Moonrunners Music Festival
Picki’n In The Pasture
John Hartford Music Festival
The Blue Ox Music Festival
The Duck Creek Log Jam
The Blue Ox Music Festival is a Bluegrass festival that happens outdoors in June way up in Eau Claire Wisconsin. This takes place on the 40 acre Whispering Pines Campground in northwestern Wisconsin and for the price three days of Bluegrass music is about the going rate, I see nothing unreasonable about a three day pass for 150, and it happens on June 9-11th.

Man this festival has some powerhouse names up on their lineup roster, but to be honest I have never heard of this festival before the only one I knew of in Wisconsin was Farmaggedon Fest which (not to steer off from this one) will take a one year break and be back for 2017. Anyways Blue Ox Festival is in a VERY scenic area of Wisconsin and trust me I KNOW Wisconsin VERY WELL!

The stage facilities look REALLY REALLY NICE and I heard the attendance is quite large for this area, I’ll be including hotel information like always. So how bout I post an actual map of the area so you can see for yourself that this festival is truly amazing and family friendly. Just click on that link down there and it will direct you to a PDF file with the campground area maps on it. Much like Duck Creek and a few more it has quiet family camping where you can’t party in that section so families with toddlers and small children can sleep in comfort.

blue ox

This festival HAS shuttle buses to and from the following hotels I include in this article AND the buses are smoke free and you can pay the driver because it is an extra fee for this service however it beats a DWI. You can click HERE for more information on this service. So, before I include the ticket link and hotels let’s look at the lineup:

Pert Near Sandstone
Bela Fleck And The Flecktones
Railroad Earth
Greensky Bluegrass
Del McCoury Band
Sam Bush
The Wood Brothers
Shovels And Rope
Leftover Salmon
Blitzen Trapper
Nikki Lane
Jeff Austin Band
Horseshoes And Hand Grenades
The Cactus Blossoms
Head For The Hills
Charlie Parr
The Big WU
Sierra Hull
Whiskey Shivers
Dead Winter Carpenters
Useful Jenkins
The Last Revel
Gin Strings
Tin Can Gin
Evergreen Grass Band

Now this I WILL tell you, carry ins are okay HOWEVER you can NOT bring your own drinks to the music areas, that means you ARE LIMITED to buying the vendor drinks at the music areas. Kind of a different twist on my usual festival knowledge most places you can just do whatever. If you camp parking is free and camping is included in your ticket price.

Hotels in this area as best as I have researched are as follows:
Best Western Trail Lodge
Quality Inn
Clarion Hotel
Hampton Inn
Quality Inn

Dale Watson To Record Live Album Tomorrow Night.


Folks according to social media and Dale Watson official website I have pretty cool news for you this evening. It seems tomorrow night at The Big T Roadhouse Ol’ Dale Watson and his Lone Stars will be recording a LIVE CD. Now for those of you that are not in the Texas area and don’t know exactly what Chicken Shit Bingo is….


You pay 2 bucks for a number and there’s a rooster in a cage walking on a numbered board. If it shits on YOUR number YOU WIN. And HEY they have had a 1 dollar raffle for an assault rifle, so THIS PLACE is RIGHT UP my alley.

Now I haven’t seen Dale Watson’s show for some time now but I DO HAVE Mr. Dale on MY stage I’m hosting in Kansas City at the Westport Roots Festival and I am EXCITED to host this stage and introduce him. AND PLUS I am going to be able to cover his set at TWO FESTIVALS in ONE month as I shall cover him at the Muddy Roots Nashville Boogie as well. So how’s THAT for GREAT coverage of Dale Watson.

There is NO COVER for this event he is recording and performing solely on a tip jar! Where the hell else could you be a part of a live album AND FREE hot dogs for NO COVER? You better head your asses over there if you are in the Texas area! This venue is owned by Dale himself and it even has it’s own theme song, and is adorned with Lone Star Beer decor.

Mr. Dale also hit my Top 50 Albums of 2015 with his album “Call Me Insane”, this album was quite possibly some of his finest work in several years in my opinion. I last was him at Muddy Roots 2013 because every time he comes to town I always miss him, let me tell you it’s not easy keeping up with thousands of bands and shows like I do, so you’ll have to forgive me Dale!

Rory Kelly Is On Tour.


Folks you have not  heard me talk about Rory Kelly for some time now, he and his band do a TRULY KILLER version of Merle Travis song “Sixteen Tons” that was made popular by Tennessee Ernie Ford. I must honestly say that in all my time of covering independent bands and local bands I have always regarded Rory Kelly as one of the top 3 best guitarists I ever saw live.

He has his own father behind the drums and together his band Triple Threat is going through the country right now on tour and trust me friends you need to go see him perform if you haven’t already! I just saw Shooter play last night and they had Them Dirty Roses open for him, I thought WOW I bet Rory Kelly would be awesome on a bill with them.

The last time I had the pleasure of seeing them was at the Limelight in Nashville with another Legend that we recently lost this week Steve Young. I will be adding more dates to this article as they announce them and I’ll be watching them VERY close as they are out on tour, if they come to my area I’ll happily go out and cover their show!
I have some news later on about MORE of the bands and artists on the Rusty Knuckles label and more on some of the bands that Rory Kelly hangs out with and they like him too!

The Wanted Saloon Presents Shooter Jennings And The Waymore’s Outlaws.


Well folks here I am at the Wanted Saloon in Dickson Tn getting ready to to cover all the local music featured here tonight and then the main act tonight is Shooter Jennings with the Waymore’s Outlaws. J.D. Outlaw has already been super kind to my website here and was telling me about his forthcoming album which I shall tell you more about at a later time.

This is a truly nice and well rounded venue and it houses about 300 plus, VERY nice. Right now they are doing some acoustic music in a more intimate setting there will be some other bands up tonight like Them Dirty Roses and a few more. I’m working on several different projects at once here and just enjoying the spring weather in this nice bar with good friends.


They are setting up the other side of the bar for bands right now and I’m getting excited for sure because I don’t believe I have got to feature any of these artists yet, and I’m hoping to get some of the work done before the place fills up so fast I cannot write because I’m hoping Shooter tears the roof off this place.


First up is an old friend I met a while back when I covered The Rowdy Johnson Band at his other Wanted Saloon Bar. J.D Outlaw Mr. J.D. has always been very good to my website and it’s always nice to get to come out to Dickson. He has an injured hand and wrist so his set list will be smaller than usual, and he opened his set with “Watching That Moonshine”. He followed that with a slower song called “Montgomery” about his hometown, he just returned from playing a few days in Florida before playing tonight. He played just a little dab of the Dropkick Murphys before he played a really good song called “Mason/Dixon line” before he left the stage. I shall be in contact with him for further information about his forthcoming album and I will feature him in an article later.


So I bought all my merch shopping so far, and took a short break first. Shelby Lee Lowe opened his set with a song called called “Double Wide Love” which was truly a well written song. He followed it with a slower type waltz song called “At It Again”. Right now he’s playing one called ‘Taste Of Your Own Medicine”, this song is his most well written song he has done tonight. I liked it very much..this place is now filling up pretty fast. I ran over and bought his CD and if I ever get the chance to feature a whole show of his I shall certainly bring him back to the website here.

There are special VIP tables off to the side that include the ticket prices for all the shows and every table has it’s own wait staff assigned to them. He is playing a song called “Slow Dancing” and closed his set with a song called “History”, he has a small seven song EP for sale and you can contact him to purchase it I had a truly good time listening to him play his set.


Dixie Jade is a powerful Country duo that is as harmonious as the Judds and just as pretty. Their first song was called “Build A Bridge” and their stage presence is absolutely amazing.. AMAZING because now they ARE playing a Judds THAT WAS NOT PLANNED they are NAILING “Girl’s Night Out’.

“Grit And Amazing Grace” is an absolutely amazing song WOW these gals have the most beautiful voices! Right now they are playing a Fleetwood Mac cover song but DAMMIT they are NAILING every song they are performing right now, and they closed their set with a song called “Who Said It First”. I’m SO impressed with this duo that I will try on include a Youtube video when I have more time to dig on there, right now I’m limited time wise to the stage and jotting notes down.

Them Dirty Roses are a band I kept missing every time they are around I’m covering someone else or occupied with some other function well not tonight…tonight I AM HERE with Them Dirty Roses!


Them Dirty Roses are a four piece Southern Roots Rock band from Alabama that have been on my radar for some time now. I’m heavily excited to have them on the website tonight along with everyone else. I just spoke to Mr. Lloyd from Goose On The Lake Festival and they are right now considering a fall festival instead of June, and as the band is pounding out “Mississippi Queen” they are showing great stage presence.

“Bad Hand” is what they are now playing and I must say the sound guy is doing a swell job. Their next song is called “What Your Daddy Doesn’t Know”..I would have paid 20 just to see this band play themselves! What a truly energetic set this was tonight before the main act the mighty Shooter Jennings and The Waymore’s Outlaws. They are continuing their set with a song called “Cocaine And Whiskey”, I would highly recommend their album purchase, these guys sound terrific live and they are playing “Soul Shine” which many bands play but they are doing a terrific job of it! I see many influences within the ranks of this band much like Blackberry Smoke and other bands like this, in fact I could see this band doing well playing with Rory Kelly and Triple Threat or Mud River Revival.

As they play “Grew Up In the Country” I am watching the show here with Mr. Buddy Jennings, Shooter’s brother, we must take good care of him. Right now they are closing their set with “Shake” Man they are shaking the roof off this joint tonight this band hits you harder than a cinderblock in the head!

The next act did not introduce themselves very well and I cannot tell you who they are however they played a really good cover of a Don Williams song and a few originals that were pretty good. The Outlaws are coming up next to play a few before they bring Shooter out Mr. Adam has him upstairs. Whoa they are picking the Wildwood Flower up there…
They played a cool song I believe was called “Damn This Rain”.

You know Shooter has a new album out now called ‘Countach” (for Giorgio) and it’s available right now on pink vinyl LP through the website and honestly I have wore it out on my player while enjoying all the different sounds on it. This new album is certainly a different direction and that’s not really a bad thing. It’s got A ton of different sounds rolled into one album, I’m quite sure Colonel Jon is looking down smiling on that project, which is Shooter’s ninth studio album. It is a tribute album to the Italian Electronic Wizard Giorgio Moroder and I will be including more thoughts on the album later on. I want to say right now this album made me feel like a kid again, I grew up with the same influences as Shooter did and I understand him and his eclectic expression and I understand his influences..and who didn’t love Falcor?



Black Country Rock Records is also releasing a new Billy Don Burns album on limited edition white vinyl on Record Store Day. “A Night In Room 8” will be the 37th release from the label and it will be available April 16th on white vinyl of only 1000 copies and then in June on CD and all else.

It’s called “A Night In Room 8” because it was recorded in room 8 of the very hotel “The Joshua Tree Inn” where Gram Parsons was discovered dead in 1973. It was recorded back in 2014 and Jon Hensley also had a hand in that project as well and it was recorded on a Tascam recorder.

OK SO NOW it’s almost time for The Waymore’s Outlaws and then Shooter to come play, I’m excited! Those four rascals are on stage right now getting ready to rip it up for us. They are opening with “Don’t Think Hank Done It This Way”, this place is pretty packed. “Rainy Day Woman” was next along with “This Train” off Keeping The Spirit Alive album and they steamrolled right into “I Always Been Crazy”.



Fred Newell is picking the fire out of that steel guitar and doing his Willie piece on “Good Timing Woman” as always, these boys always play like a well oiled machine. They never fail to kick ass up there! “Good Ol’ Boys” is making this place go wild and combined up there the Outlaws have more tenure with Waylon Jennings and more history than my brain can type but I shall try. For those who don’t know Richie Albright wrote the Dukes theme song and produced many albums for Waylon, and in fact Shooter’s middle name is Albright.

SO….here we go “Ain’t Living Long Like This” is the first song we are jamming to here along with “Black Rose”. OK Now he is playing a song off his new album “I’m Left Your’e Right She’s Gone”, and it sounds like rolling thunder in here. This song is off the 1977 Giorgio album “From Here To Eternity”  and was also on the first Mixtape.

Probably my favorite song on the whole new album is called “Born To Die” which I’m listening to now, and dammit it sounds AWESOME LIVE! I truly love the way this song came out melody wise and it’s just an outright jam, the whole album is really different and exotic in it’s own way. To me it’s like Sturgills Metamodern Sounds, Countach will NEVER be duplicated by anyone and it has it’s own category.



This has been ONE HELL of an action packed night of local music without a doubt, and I’m having a blast. He is doing a Ramones cover tune off his BCR Mixtape called “She Talks To Rainbows” along with a song off the first BCR Mixtape album called “Nashville From Afar”.

“Solid Country Gold” was a song off “Put The O Back In Country” that is being played now, one of my favorites. Also included in his set was “Belle Of The Ball” and one of his father’s songs “Long Time Gone”. He usually mixes up his setlist when he is playing with the Waymore’s Outlaws with his own and also his father’s songs.

“Some Rowdy Women” was the second part of his set list tonight, and accompanied by Fred’s impeccable steel guitar talents this song is truly killing it. ” Outlaw You” is one of the songs he played almost acoustic and solo but it still sounded good. He has truly performed an epic part of his tour tonight in Dickson Tennessee and I am still waiting for more as he is playing a Nirvana cover right now, his influences run deep within everything he does even as he named his record label from a David Bowie song.

He is playing “Motherfucking Gunslinger” right now as it may be hopeful that Shooter plays all damn night long and he blasted right into “Playin Possom” from his George Jones EP in 2012 and along with “Living In A Minor Key” and played a George Jones song. He is playing “Gone To Carolina” one of my top favorite songs he does for sure. Mr. Tommy Townsend is closing the show out for the evening with “Same Old Outlaws”, and he also played “Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues”.

I might have honestly missed a song there back towards the end of his show as I was packing up and getting ready to go back and visit with him and Miss Misty for a short spell. I want to personally take time out to THANK HIM and Misty for all the wonderful things they do for US, his fans. You might not like everything he puts out…I don’t think there are many artists out there that change directions as vividly that I like ALL their music. And that’s totally fine because we ALL have one thing you cannot argue with….character…however there’s a fine an honest fine line between having character and being an asshole so please folks be nice about music you don’t like.

I love you too Shooter.

W.B. Walker Celebrates Three Years!


Well all of you know by now I have many friends all over the country that I support on this website and they support me on their respective media outlets. Mr. Brandon Walker AKA W.B. Walker’s Old Soul Radio Show is a weekly podcast broadcast on I Tunes that features three artists of like types that varies each week. He does a truly fine job featuring some GREAT different music each time he releases a new show.

We became friends a few years back and talk on the phone quite often although he is one of the few I haven’t met in person, I have come pretty close to him. I’d pretty much do anything for him and when he announced some plans for his third annual anniversary show at the Vclub in West Virginia and I now have the lineup for you and more news.

I am going to be including him in a NEAR future project that I am involved with in Kansas City for a festival stage I am sponsoring and I’ll be mentioning him on stage during this festival as I emcee it so I can help him grow his audience in the central U.S. And he can help spread the word about what I’m doing, and starting VERY SOON he will be announcing what I’m going to do and some of the bands I will be featuring.

So for right now go on over and check out his latest editions of the podcast with several of my TOP 50 albums of 2015 and buy some new music he features. I’m sure he’d be tickled pink to have you listen in to what he’s up to.

Doors @ 7 Show @ 8 $10 Adv $12 DOS 18+
Senora May Childers
8:00 – 8:20

Justin Payne
8:25 – 8:45

The Horse Traders
8:50 – 9:20

Josh Nolan
9:25 – 9:45

Luna & The Mountain Jets
9:50 – 10:20

Josh Morningstar
10:25 – 10:55

Joshua Black Wilkins
11:00 – 11:30

Caleb Caudle
11:35 – 12:15

Colter Wall
12:20 – 1:00

Tyler Childers
1:05 – Close

Music Festivals 2016: John Hartford Music Festival.

The Westport Roots Festival
Moonrunners Music Festival
Picki’n In The Pasture
John Hartford Music Festival
The Blue Ox Music Festival
The Duck Creek Log Jam


There are many festivals in the Indiana area this year I’ll be including in this series, and honestly I’ll be attending one again in Winchester Indiana (or at least I plan to) unless something happens. June 1st-4rth of this year we once again have John Hartford Music Festival out there in Bean Blossom Indiana.

I have been featuring this festival for three years now in my series and haven’t been able to cover it live yet, now folks honestly I try to swap up some festivals to bring my coverage to everyone on a balanced basis. I simply cannot make them all, I wished I could. One day I sure would love to make this a living and maybe I can find a way to do it for a living but I AM setting this up to be my retirement.

This festival never ceases to amaze me at the lineups they have up there and it beats many of the Bluegrass festivals that are turned into my inbox, in fact THIS ONE has been dubbed by many as the most laid back festival in America. I want to tell you I know about HUNDREDS of festivals across the U.S.

You can buy your tickets for this event HERE I am quite sure many of you know about this event and have been to it in person. OK So they are now selling single day passes and all weekend passes too, and honestly the price is quite reasonable for the amount of bands they have. Now there is NOT free camping on this one folks but it’s only priced at 9 dollars per night which isn’t bad, I have much more info on here. This year they are extending the festival to feature music on wends night as well, it’s usually not that long.

So for this festival I will do the schedule layout just a little bit differently than most because they actually have released the order of performers to my inbox:
Devil’s Train
The Whipstich Sallies
Avacado Chic

The Steel Wheels
The Hillbenders
Danny Barnes
Chris Dollar
The Tillers
Chicago Farmer
Old Man Luedecke
Caribou Mountain Collective
Flatland Harmony Experiment
The Underhills
The Wheelhouse Rousters
The Streamboat Bandits
Still Shine
Sloppy Joe
Donkey Nation
The Weedeaters
Sugar Britches
The Leadfoot Band
Brushfire Stankgrass
Scenic Roots
Jeff Daughtry

The Travelin McCourys
Great American Taxi
The Dillards
Danny Barnes
Billy Strings
Chatam County Line
Gipsy Moon
Urban Pioneers
Chris Dollar
The Tillers
Chicago Farmer
Caribou Mtn. Collective
Misty Mtn Stringband
Flatland Harmony Experiment
Old Man Luedecke
The Wheelhouse Rousters
Colin O Brien
The Whipstich Sallies
Sloppy Joe
The Aching Hearts
The Weedeaters
Sugar Britches
The Leadfoot Band
Brushfire Stankgrass
White Lightning Boys
Jeff Daughtry
Still Shine

Leftover Salmon
Sam Bush
Danny Barnes
Helen Highwater Stringband
Billy Strings
Gipsy Moon
Urban Pioneers
The Dustbowl Revival
Misty Mtn. Stringband
Old Man Luedecke
Kings Highway
Deep Fried Pickle project
Colin O Brien
Steamboat Bandits
The Underhills
Donkey Nation
Pat Fiddle
Scenic Roots
White Lightning Boys

Off of Hwy 65 just a little bit south of Indianapolis Indiana in Morgantown, just north of Nashville Indiana it is located pretty close to my Tn/Ky area. Most of my local readers can get there in about four hours tops, and it is indeed a nice facility I have been there myself during non-festival functions.

This is the sixth year for this festival and I see no sings of it stopping in any fashion (at least I hope not).
So with that in mind I usually list some hotels in the area for those of you like me that cannot camp for whatever reasons.

Brown County Cabins
Comfort Inn
Abbey Inn
Creekside Retreat
Always Inn

This festival is golf cart friendly and is near another of my favorite festivals in the Nashville Indiana area so I know the area well and there are grocery stores around and this festival has laundry available too. Sooo enojy this festival folks because I think it’s a pretty damn good addition to my series!

Album Features.

I have never followed any special format or style until I began covering festivals in the fashion I do, until then I never really ran things on this website anything close to others. I don’t really do “album reviews” or interviews mostly because of lack of time, I enjoy being a music collector and a fan. I do run this website as much as I possibly can but I also love to attend shows and buy and listen to music. So last year I decided to feature albums in a multiple type article fashion.


Loretta Lynn: Full Circle.

This is truly a landmark album in many ways for 2016, and quite possibly one of my top 5 of the year already. I try not to make those types of decisions until right around Christmas break however THIS album is just so fabulous I cannot say a choice has not been made.

This album was produced by John Carter Cash and was recorded so well that it showcases her vocals better than some of the recordings in her prime, and honestly I’m not truly sure if technology had anything to do with any of that. She just absolutely shines on this project in many ways, even on the cover songs and re-recordings like the classic woman got balls “Fist City”. Fist City was originally released in 1968 and consequently she was banned from Country radio as a result for a brief time, along with other songs of hers which at the time were far from acceptable. However commercially outright it was the second of her sixteen number one hits and one of Owen Bradley’s finest productions.

I want to point out another fine crucial point here, the pedal steel was really good. it was done by Robby Turner who currently plays with Chris Stapleton and is having some medical issues right now so say a prayer for him. He NAILED IT on “Old King Coal” from Sturgill Simpson’s High Top Mountain, and played on many other albums.

She opened the album with “Whispering Sea” which was the B side of her first single “Honky Tonk Girl” that she released in her early 20’s along with two other songs as she signed her first recording contract in 1960, and there was another classic song called “Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven” which was from an album called “Hymns” from 1965.

She included some truly timeless classics from the Carter family like “Black Jack David” and “I Will Never Marry” which were done in classic Loretta Lynn form just as her last release “Van Lear Rose” was. She has not strayed from her true roots or songwriting style and on March 18th she kicks off her tour with no signs of retiring or stopping.

Also appearing on the album are Willie Nelson (whom I shall touch on later) and Elvis Costello all were in truely tip top form both vocally and production wise. This IS A MUST MUST MUST have!


Dori Freeman: Dori Freeman

This twenty four year old newcomer hails from Virginia and I heard about her for several weeks before I checked her out on X Box music and then she was featured on W.B.Walker’s Old Soul Radio Show where I heard more of her impressive debut album. The song “Where I Stood” was one of the finest well written songs I have heard in 2016.

ANYBODY that can sing a song A Capella like she can on “Ain’t Nobody” earns my total and undivided attention and respect. Along with many others on the album like “Lullaby” and one of my favorites “You Say” put me to mind of Rachel Brooke and Lydia Loveless. I shall include some tour dates fro her on here and how about a video from her recently that I truly enjoyed. There was some fine steel guitar work on the song “Go On Lovin'”, and I would highly recommend this album to add to your collection!

Mar 13 Muddy Creek Music Hall Winston Salem, NC
Mar 25 The Spot on Kirk Roanoke, VA
Mar 26 Floyd Country Store Floyd, VA
Apr 03 Tin Angel Philadelphia, PA
Apr 04 Jammin’ Java Vienna, VA
Apr 05 City Winery New York, NY
Apr 22 Blue Plate Special WDVX Knoxville, TN
Apr 22 Jig & Reel Knoxville, TN
Apr 30 Kingman Island Bluegrass & Folk Festival Washington, DC
May 12 The Floyd Country Store Floyd, VA
Jun 10 HoustonFest Galax, VA
Jun 11 HoustonFest Galax, VA

Gene Watson: Real Country Music

I must admit I have been waiting for some time for this album to be released, and the name fits the album. It is indeed REAL Country Music however the only thing I disliked about it was it wasn’t NEW REAL Country Music. Most of the album was cover songs or redone classics from other artists, now that’s NOT a total letdown because the song “When A Man Can’t Get A Woman Off His Mind” wrote by Whispering Bill Anderson and made popular by Craig Morgan is a damn fine choice.

Another good song was “Bitter They Are The Harder They Fall” from Larry Gaitlin was actually one I forgot about and was a nice refresher to my memory in fact I almost liked his version better. “A Bridge That Just Won’t Burn” is an old Conway Twitty song that Jim McBride and Roger Murrah wrote, most of you will recognize Roger from writing Waylon’s famous autobiography and other things he did for Waylon.

“Ashes To Ashes” was another damn fine remake of a classic song from the album “Honky Tonk Crazy” in 1987. Much like the Loretta Lynn album time has not diminished Gene’s voice of pure solid country gold and he still delivers songs in a hurtful fashion. That one lone aspect of his has not been dismissed by his spirit, apparently however he has abandoned writing or cutting as many new songs…whatever the reason it is still a noteworthy album, but missed my top 50 list for 2016.

Tyller Gummersall: Long Ride Home

This is the fourth album from this Colorado boy, actually he isn’t a boy but you get my point. I MUST tell you not a lot of websites are going to tell you about him WHY I have no damn clue because he absolutely WOWED ME. First off this album was produced by Lloyd Maines which is already a green flag in my book.

This album isn’t what you’d find on Country radio today…so It’s pretty safe to say that’s why it’s included in my website article! I have to stop by and pick up the rest of his albums for SURE. The opening song on the album “This House” was not outright the song that grabbed my attention but it was good.

“Country Boy” was for sure a song that if they DID put it on radio it would become an instant smash I assure you, it has grit,drive and HONESTY. It has all the factors of what pop country is yapping about but in HIS songs those factors are REAL, you can feel it. “Better Than You Found It” was a really REALLY good paint my mind a picture song that any listener can just close their eyes and see the song, and it had a good message.

He’s a pretty darn good songwriter too as is evident in songs like ‘Ghosts”. If this fellow comes to an area near me I will gladly make an effort to make his show and cover it on this website I promise you!


Travis Harris And The West Coast Turnarounds: The Truth And Other Lies

Once again a second GREAT album from my east Kentucky friends over at the West Coast Turnaround camp! I MUST SAY I LOVE the way he presents the songs, I just enjoy his voice and the way the band plays. Now I’m going to say this outright the best song they do is “High And Then Some” and I don’t rightly reckon they will ever top it….BUT

Darn it this album just flat out kicks Country Music’s ass in both production and music, YES it is that good. It’s a MUST HAVE for your collection in many ways and I cannot wait to see this band again and cover their set. They always have a stellar steel guitarist on stage with them, and Mr. Travis himself is a damn fine fellow that I enjoy seeing at Muddy Roots Festival he’s a good friend.

This album opens with a foot thumping “Moonshiner’s Last Ride” which is of course about running shine (I mean what else do we do up here), it isn’t playing monopoly. These boys are for SURE on my go to list for cruising music in the truck on the interstate! “Burn It Down” was actually my favorite song on the album, and at first I thought it was the same song from Shot Time And Cigs but it wasn’t. I just like the way he sings on this song it’s a slower song but dammit it is a rabble rousing song that makes me want to drink a wagonload of Pabst.

This was a shorter album which boasts ten songs but darn it they are ten mighty fine songs and altogether the album is quite appealing to REAL Country music fans trust you me, you NEED this album. My favorite thing would be to have this on LP oh man that would be nice…wink wink nudge nudge. “Million Dollars A Day” was an absolutely TOP NOTCH song about the state of Country music now and it’s loaded full of steel guitar that we so dearly love on this website!

Muddy Roots Miracles Last Night.

Folks its time once again for me to be out and about covering the shows, after all that’s exactly what i had in mind when I began this website. I am always going to be a huge presence within music in every from I can be, and tonight I want to tell you my readers about a tragic thing that happened however it turned into a truly positive event that clearly proves this kind of music IS a viable market.

I’m here at the Nashville Palace in the Opryland area to cover what was supposed to be Wanda Jackson but due to some unfortunate medical issues Muddy Roots had to replace her with an artist I haven’t covered since spring of last year and that is Big Sandy. Despite the unfortunate news this turned out to be a SMASHING success with an overwhelming crowd of enthusiastic people and GREAT music.

Also playing tonight are one of my favorites Hillbilly Casino and also a local Icon from my area Rockabilly Legend Billy Harlan, MuddyRoots has been in the studio for some time with Billy in historic Studio B and you can read more about that HERE.


He played two of the songs from his recordings from the 1950’s that he had never actually recorded up until Mr. Jason produced them under his label Muddy Roots Recordings. One was called “I Ain’t Elvis” and the other side was called “From This Lonely Man”. He played two of the songs from his recordings from the 1950’s that he had never actually recorded up until Mr. Jason produced them under his label Muddy Roots Recordings. One was called “I Ain’t Elvis” and the other side was called ” This Lonely Man”.

Very powerful opening song called ” I Wanna Bop” was followed by “Proud Mary” made famous by CCR and others. There were other super classic rock covers like “Super Love”. Age has certainly not taken any toll on Billy Harlan in any way, he still fills up the dance floor. Just as strong as he did many years ago. His voice and style have not diminished in any way.

He also played a truly great rendition of Ralph Mooney’s Crazy Arms which we all enjoyed very much song with one called “My Faith Is In Your Hands”. He included a John Anderson song called Swing’n, and a Chuck Berry tune called Johnny B Goode…ever heard that one? And Hey about Blueberry Hill by Fats Domino before he closed his set with ” I Wanna Bop” again.


Hillbilly Casino is always a sure bet for rowdy fun evening every time you see them. I have covered this band on the website many times in the past and I can assure there will be many future times as well.  From the very beginning of their set the usual chaos ensued as they played their second song called “Debt With The Devil”. Tonight there were a few songs I have never heard before live however my favorite is still ” Big Dan”.

However the songs “Blame It On The PBR” or “PBR” was a popular song tonight as well as “Heartburn And Heartaches” off my favorite album and along with another great song called “Jibber Jabber” they once again knocked their show out of the park. I would always recommend their live set to anyone on this website and the addition of Miss Mary Rodgers on the Saxophone it really is a party, she has a hell of a stage presence!

Last night I heard one I did not recognize and I’m not truly sure if it was cover or an original I have never heard of and I’m pretty sure it was called “Got More Blues Than Greens” and they had the whole place dancing and jumping around to their tune “80085”. This was truly a remarkable show for my reasons previously listed, and it was not even over! Big Sandy wasn’t even on the stage yet.


Big Sandy is a local Legend on the west coast in the California area and comes to town for the Nashville Boogie and I’m very blessed to have been a part of this show. He opened his iconic set with “Too Much To Me” and began acoustic and soon had Mr. Geoff Firebaugh on bass and Matthew Armn on drums and Eddie Angel on lead guitar. Eddie Angel plays for a really cool band called the Planet Rockers, go check them out as well.

“Hip Shakin Mama” was next and he played one more before playing “Alone With You” by Faron Young which he covers better than many others that I hear do it. It kind of makes me wish I lived in other regions so I could see some of these bands in their native turf. “Hot Water” was an original OLD classic that I truly enjoy hearing on vinyl and have for many years along with “(Yamma Lamma) Pretty Mama”.

He played some Elvis Presley tunes and also played a song called “Six Foot Down” that I truly enjoyed and followed that with “Oochie Coochie” and a couple of classic tunes I wanted to hear him play called “Chalk It Up To The Blues” and one called “Tequilia Calling” and he closed his set with a song Mr. Nic requested that is AWESOME called “Jumpin From 6 to 6”.

When you compliment a truly remarkable show like this with a truly wonderful young lady like Miss Julea Thomerson with one of the greatest minds of music I have EVER witnessed. I was amazed with her playlists and what she knows, and I am always looking for minds that operate like mine…she is one. What a sweet and passionate woman she is!