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Tyler Childers w/ Blackfoot Gypsies in Tallahassee, FL (03/28/2018)

By Joshua Wallace

This past Wednesday night I once again went down to 5th and Thomas in Tallahassee, FL for a show. This venue has been bringing a lot of high quality country acts to the North Florida area and it’s a good thing because this is an area that can be a country music desert sometimes. This time I was going to see Tyler Childers with the opening act of Blackfoot Gypsies. You know we’re a huge fan of Tyler’s work here at Gary Hayes Country and this was personally my first time seeing him live. I couldn’t pass up the chance to see him up close in a small venue with a capacity around 300.

Going into this show I was not very familiar with Blackfoot Gypsies, but they were a great live band. In fact, I liked them better live than what I had heard on record. I couldn’t really tell you what they played or give you a run down of the songs as I’m not familiar with them. However, I can tell you that they are a killer 70’s inspired country rock band. If you like your country rock loud and groovy you’ll dig these guys.

There wasn’t a long period between sets this time and Tyler came on at about 9pm to a packed house. This show sold out just days before and you could feel it in the room. He started off with a fan favorite tune called “Bus Route” and went on through a set full of favorites from Purgatory, some of his older stuff like “Deadman’s Curve” and even some newer tunes. His band was on point this night, even with a few feedback glitches that either came from Tyler’s guitar or the bass, I wasn’t sure which. There were a few extended jams like “Honky Tonk Flame” where I could close my eyes and zone out to the amazing pedal steel and lead guitar solos they did. When it was all said and done, Tyler played about an hour and twenty minutes in a set that included just about everything from Purgatory and a few select older songs mixed in with some newer stuff.

I highly recommend catching Tyler Childers on the road at some point in the near future. He won’t be playing small rooms like this for long and you certainly won’t be able to get this up close and personal. Over the next few days Tyler has a small run through the southeast. He’s got a lot of festival dates lined up this summer including Tumbleweed which Gary Hayes Country will be covering. Tyler also has a few dates in Nashville including May 18th at the Grand Ole Opry and May 19th and 20th at the Ryman opening for Margo Price.

Album Feature: Sam Morrow: Concrete And Mud.

By Joshua Wallace

Sam Morrow’s third album Concrete & Mud is an album full of foot stompers and funky honky tonk.  This is evident in any of the album’s preview tracks from “Heartbreak Man” to “Quick Fix” or even “Skinny Elvis”.  This album is highly recommended if you like your country fast and loud. Let’s take a closer look at some of these tracks.

The album opens up with “Heartbreak Man” which is a country rock tune complete with an awesome riff and some great funky organ playing.  Another favorite is “Paid By The Mile” which takes you back to the days of 70’s southern rock with a tune about being on the road and wishing you got paid by the mile.  “Skinny Elvis” features the vocal talents of Jamie Wyatt on a killer foot stomping duet.

“Coming Home” is a nice ballad which offers a change of pace.  In this track Sam Morrow recounts his time on the road while at the same time wanting to be home.  Another good storytelling ballad is “San Fernando Sunshine”. This track reinforces the west coast feel that runs through the album.  The album closer is “Mississippi River” which features a more toned down rootsy sound similar to Morrow’s previous albums.

Concrete & Mud finds Sam Morrow stretching out his sound and getting into more of a funky and country rock groove.  It echos back to the days of southern rock dominance while keeping its roots in a Texas honky tonk. This album is highly recommended if you like your country fast and heavy.  Concrete & Mud is out everywhere on March 30th, 2018.

Favorite Tracks : Paid By The Mile, Good Ole Days, Skinny Elvis, Heartbreak Man, San Fernando Sunshine

Sam Morrow – Concrete & Mud (2018)


  1. Heartbreak Man

  2. Paid By The Mile

  3. San Fernando Sunshine

  4. Quick Fix

  5. Good Ole Days

  6. The Weight Of A Stone

  7. Skinny Elvis (Feat. Jamie Wyatt)

  8. Coming Home

  9. Cigarettes

  10. Mississippi River


Album Feature: Will Stewart: County Seat.

By Joshua Wallace

  Will Stewart has created an experience in his solo full length debut called County Seat.  This album transports you to the modern south, specifically Alabama. In these songs you will encounter characters and places of the south and it is gritty, beautiful, complex and sparse all at the same time.  County Seat sits strongly in the Americana with strong country, light rock and folk vibes throughout.

  You get your first taste of Alabama with the opening track of “Sipsey” which according to Stewart is named after the Sipsey Wilderness Reserve.  It’s a mid tempo rocker about trying to recapture the innocence and feeling of young adulthood. Another favorite is the single “Heaven Knows Why” about living with the darkness of everyday life and accepting that it will always be there.

  Dark Halls” reminds me of something Bob Dylan might have released in his younger days.  Will Stewart can turn a phrase like Dylan and it creates a great tune. Another favorite that references Alabama is “Equality, AL”.  This track highlights the loneliness and sparseness of the modern south where one light towns are commonly surrounded by miles and miles of pine trees.

  County Seat is a great debut full length album from Will Stewart.  It sticks to the theme of life in Alabama and the modern south throughout and creates a soundscape that at times feels sparse and at the same time, complex.  I highly recommend checking this album out when it releases on April 6th, 2018. Will Stewart will be a part of W.B. Walker’s Old Soul Radio Show 5th Anniversary Show on Night 2 which is April 7th.  Gary Hayes Country will have full coverage of both nights of the Anniversary Show, with a preview of that HERE

  Favorite Tracks : Sipsey, Heaven Knows Why, Mine Is A Lonely Life, Equality, AL, Dark Halls

  Will Stewart – County Seat (2018)

  1. Sipsey

  2. Rosalee

  3. Brush Arbor

  4. Otis In The Morning

  5. Heaven Knows Why

  6. Dark Halls

  7. Equality, AL

  8. County Seat

  9. Mine Is A Lonely Life

LIVE STREAM Of The 2018 Country Music Hall Of Fame Inductees at 10AM CENTRAL

I tried this last year and it worked quite splendidly, and garnered a lot of web traffic so we decided to take another stab at this. The Country Music Hall Of Fame has once again given us a press kit to share with you, so at 10am Central time we can all enjoy the BRAND NEW 2018 HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES!

  • If you would enjoy looking at a link to a PDF of ALL the Hall of Fame Inductees in order, please click HERE

You know this is THE TIME to avoid social media (much like the CMA or ACM) you have the same old yawning drab comments time and time again… should’ve been so and so…Honestly EVEN I have my own preferred agenda  I would LIKE TO SEE but I do understand the process and the politics of it all. Personal politics ravage the music industry like a plague, and many nefarious altercations have occurred in it’s history.

Let’s be feasible here, there are literally thousands of people that are deserving of this accolade here today, and I for one am quite excited to witness this stream every year. I thoroughly enjoy the Hall itself, and I treasure the knowledge that is confined inside it’s walls.

Yeah, I know many people who don’t understand the whole “pop country” concept will often digress because they often build and feature displays for what gets scorned in today’s day and age..however if you approach the hall with the same theories as I do, you’ll soon concur that pop country existed WAY BEFORE Garth Brooks or WHOMEVER you feel ruined Country Music.

I never EVER LEAVE without learning some new information, because when my brain goes on a knowledge spree it goes a mile a minute and becomes a sponge. Names, places and songs adorn my brain on a daily basis, steel guitarists and fiddle players. This institution contains an absolute treasure cache of  life’s most important aspect and the TRUE THING worth more than money of fame… contains KNOWLEDGE.

The Daryle Singletary Tribute Show Set For Next Week.


 The Daryle Singletary Keepin’ It Country Tribute Show is scheduled for March 27 at 7PM. The event will be free and open to the public, allowing all who would like the opportunity to honor the late singer to attend. Less than two weeks before his death, he performed a similar memorial service for Country Legend Mel Tillis. And much like the Mel Tillis service, this one will also transpire at the Ryman Auditorium.

 Performers scheduled to take the stage at the tribute concert include Darryl Worley, Rhett Akins, Dallas Davidson, Jeff and Sheri Easter, Andy Griggs, Ben Hayslip, Jamey Johnson, Alison Krauss, Mo Pitney, Pete Schlegel, Josh Turner and Curtis Wright. 650AM WSM’s Eddie Stubbs will host the show.

Singletary died unexpectedly in his Lebanon, Tenn., home, on Feb. 12, after playing back-to-back shows on the road over the weekend of Feb. 9-11. He leaves behind his wife, Holly, and four children: 7-year-old twin boys Mercer and Jonah, 5-year-old daughter Nora Caroline and 3-year-old daughter Charlotte Rose. A fund to help his family defray the costs associated with his death has been established.

In his twenty four year career he charted five times reaching number two, released seven albums, and was most recently noted for recording a Bluegrass Duet album with Rhonda Vincent .

James Scott Bullard In Nashville.


Everybody you might remember yesterday as I premiered the second single from Mr.James Scott Bullard from his upcoming album called Full Tilt Boogie. If you missed it please click on the blue second single there, and you can hear that song called “Jesus, Jail or Texas”.

I came on down to Dee’s Country Lounge in East Nashville to watch him perform tonight in connection with his single release on this website, to see exactly what he brings to the table here on stage. Mr. Joshua Wallace will have the review of his album up soon here, and I have more plans for him on upcoming projects as well..keep an eye out for his name.

Tonight he is in the midst of a 20 plus day tour on an acoustic platform here, promoting his new album called Full Tilt Boogie out April 27th.  As I said before you can click on the link up above and hear the second single from that album. He began his set with a song called “Evil Love”, which was off that album.

“Another Heart” was the first video he ever directed and I’m going to include it in this article here along with another one I take myself and include as well.  He brings forth an honest down home approach to simple easy to understand acoustic songs, with a true artistic touch to the simple lyrics.  No fancy frills in any of these songs here, for the simple fact that he doesn’t need them.

“Heartless Woman’ was another great song along with ‘Voo Doo”, and a song called “Runaway Blues”. But perhaps one of the highlights of his set was a song he wrote from an idea about talking adult things with his son, and a phrase his father said. ‘Don’t kick her out of bed unless she wants it on the floor’ actually struck my attention when I was previewing Full Tilt Boogie. That song was called ‘Hey Hey Momma”.

He played a VERY version of Kris Kristofferson’s ‘Help Me Make It through The Night”, a song in which he said his parents danced to at their wedding. He then played a select medley of covers to honor some of the fallen Legends of late news, and a train song he wrote that was inspired by the late Legend Mr. Jimmie Rogers. He told us that later on in his youth when Country became juxtaposed with metal influences he began listening to may Country Legends.

“Skin And Bones” was a song about his grandparents, and has a nice waltz tempo to it.  That song is off of the album The Rise And Fall Of James Scott Bullard, which is on Spotify as well as other places you can buy music. One of his more well written songs he has was called ‘Before The Next Tear Hits The Ground”, that was pretty good hook song.

“Troubled Water” was a new song he said that isn’t available anywhere, and also included in this portion of this his set he played a song called “Leavin On My Mind”. I filmed that song on my video for this article and I have included that song as well.  Speaking of new songs off the album he played the song he released first called “Wicked Ways”, which he wrote about his father and was the first single off of Full Tilt Boogie.

The final song he played tonight was called Jesus Jail Or Texas which you can hear on this website. I thank him and Dee’s for once again having me out, and letting me film and write about this show!


Album Review: The Tillers: The Tillers.

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people sitting, living room, shoes and indoor

By Joshua Wallace

  The Tillers have always been a roots string band with a varied sound that leans heavily on folk.  However, their new self titled album bring a more aggressive style with nods to punk rock and bluegrass.  The band continues to be amazing at telling a story through song and do so with nearly every track on this album.  Let’s take a deeper look at some of the songs on this album.

My favorite track on this record and possibly my new favorite Tillers track is “Like A Hole In My Head”.  It has the witty and smart songwriting you’ve come to expect from The Tillers with their new more aggressive style.  It is a very catchy tune and you can see why they made it the third pre-release single for the album. Speaking of great songwriting, “The Old General Store Is Burning Down” slows the pace a bit and brings about some feelings of nostalgia for the old days when the small town general store used to be a popular thing.  It’s a sweet sentimental tune that longs for those old days of friendship and community.

  Another great story telling song that takes you back to old times is “Riverboat Dishwashing Song” about a boy who longs to do nothing but be a riverboat dishwasher.  It’s full of imagery of riverboats and tells a great story of this young man’s journey. The Tillers do a great job adapting the Woody Guthrie classic “All You Fascists Are Bound To Lose” with new lyrics to reflect current times.

If you’re a fan of The Tillers you will love this album.  They branch out into more aggressive roots sounds and show their bluegrass influences a bit more than they have in the past.  This is a good thing and it creates a record with a good varied sound that touches all areas of Americana and roots music. The Tillers self titled album will be available on March 23rd and will be out in physical and digital varieties everywhere music is sold.

  Favorite Tracks : Like A Hole In My Head, The Old General Store Is Burning Down, Riverboat Dishwashing Song, All You Fascists Are Bound To Lose

The Tillers – The Tillers (2018)

  1. The Weald & The Wild

  2. Migrant’s Lament

  3. Like A Hole In My Head

  4. The Old General Store Is Burning Down

  5. Dear Mother

  6. All You Fascists Are Bound To Lose

  7. Riverboat Dishwashing Song

  8. Revolution Row

  9. Mona

  10. Another Postcard



Music Festivals 2018: ROMP.





Ricky Skaggs
Sam Bush
Rhiannon Giddens
The Travelin McCourys
Alison Krauss
Doyle Lawson And Quicksilver
Jeff Austin Band
Billy Strings
Parker Milsap
We Banjo 3
Michael Daves
Russell Moore And IIIrd Tyme Out
Robbie Fulks
fireside Collective
The Po Ramblin Boys
Phoebe Hunt And The Gatherers
Love Cannon
Sheriff Scott And The Deputies
Pert Near Sandstone
Mile Twelve
Barefoot Movement

Pre-sale pricing ends Sunday at midnight. 

General Admission and VIP daily tickets are now available! Pick your favorites and plan your ROMP adventure. 
Grab your passes early for the best deal of the year – pre-sale pricing for daily tickets ends Sunday March 18th at midnight.
Planing to camp with us? One tent camping pass is good for one or all four nights of ROMP camping. Learn More. 
Don’t forget: kids 12 & under are free!
Buy Tickets

Kids Zone

ROMP is fun for the whole family! Kids 12 & under are free, and have a ton of activities to participate in throughout the weekend.


8:00-9:00 Craft Time – Mandolin Harp & Paper Fan

Help us kick off ROMP with Craft Time in the Kid Zone!  Children are invited to make and decorate their own Mandolin Harps and Paper Fans so they can stay cool all weekend and jam along with the artists on stage.

9:00-10:00 Interactive Children’s Music – Melody Garden
Join multi-instrumentalist and children’s songwriter, Rebecca Smith, for an hour of interactive children’s music! Expect nature-themed songs where imaginations can soar!  Many percussion instruments and movement props will be available to the children, if they wish to dance and play!  It’s like a mini-festival just for children!  An instrument petting zoo will be at the end for anyone wishing to strum a guitar, ukulele, or banjo.

10:00-11:00 Build Your Own First Aid Kit – The Medical Reserve Corps
Accidents can happen anywhere.  The Medical Reserve Corps will teach your children how to be “prepared, not scared.”  Kids will learn basic First Aid and will build their very own First Aid Kit.

11:00-12:00 Whooo is Hootie? – Western Kentucky Raptor Center
Get up close and personal with ROMP’s mascot Hootie the Owl!  The Western Kentucky Raptor Center will provide a hands on program where children will learn about birds of prey and animal rehabilitation.

12:00-1:00 Sound Science: Exploring Ears – Sky Science Festival
How we hear is a process that starts with our ears. The size and shape of an ear is important, and two ears are better than one. Surprising examples of sound that gets heard without using your ears will be shared.

1:00-2:00 Leaf Printing – 4-H Cooperative Extension Service
Calling all Tree Huggers!  The 4-H Cooperative Extension Service will teach your children about trees, leaves, and the natural environment while demonstrating Leaf Printing.

2:00-3:00 Appalachian Dance Workshop – Sara Roby

Get moving with traditional dance from the Appalachian region.  Led by Sara Roby, a spirited and inspiring instructor who will teach children traditional movement, clogging, and games.


8:00-9:00 Kid Yoga – 270 Power Yoga

This ain’t your momma’s yoga!  Join Britt Bertolotti from 270 Power Yoga for a Kid Centric Yoga program to start the day off right.  Your kids will have fun while stretching out their sleepy bodies so they are ready for a ROMPtastic day of music and play!9:00-10:00 Learn a Fiddle Tune – Randy Lanham
Join Randy Lanham, the Education Director for The Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame & Museum for a one hour workshop where children will be introduced to the fiddle and will learn to play a tune.  *This workshop is only open to 25 children. Come early to get a spot. Children will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

10:00-11:00 Craft Time – Rock Painting & Flower Crowns

Join us for Craft Time where kids will have the opportunity to paint rocks and make flower crowns.

11:00-12:00 Interactive Children’s Music – Melody Garden

12:00-1:00 Appalachian Music & Storytelling – Gerald Mullins
Join Gerald Mullins, an educator & musician from Eastern Kentucky as he shares stories and music from the Appalachian region of Kentucky.

1:00-2:00 Sound Science: Lower = Longer / Larger / Looser – Sky Science Festival

Make simple instruments with sliding straws, buzzing rubber bands, and tuneful tubes – with all creating lower sounds when the thing responsible for making the sound gets longer, or thicker, or looser.


8:00-9:00 Glitter Tattoos – Glitter Momma

Glitter Momma has been spreading glitter & sparkle at ROMP for many years.  Join her in the kid zone to get your own glitter tattoo so you can shine all day!
9:00-10:00 Belly Dancing – Samovar Dance Group
Move, groove, and shake it all around with Erica LaViolette & Michelle Gross of the Samovar Dance Group of Louisville, KY. Erica and Michelle will demonstrate several forms of international dance with props and will teach children a traditional belly dance.

10:00-11:00 Grown Your Own Garden – Green River District Health Department

Can you dig it? The Green River Health Department will talk with children about healthy eating and the importance of locally sourced foods while children get dirty digging their own garden.

11:00-12:00 Meet The Mammals – WKY Raptor Center 

The Western Kentucky Raptor Center is back with mammals this time!  Meet a baby fox, a hedgehog, and other mammals and listen while staff shares stories of mammal rehabilitation.12:00-1:00 Harmonica & Kazoo – Art The Dude
Art The Dude loves to introduce kids to the world’s most perfect instrument – the harmonica.  Join Art for his 7th year at ROMP spreading the Harmonica love and walk away with a harmonica or kazoo of your own.

1:00-2:00 Sound Science: Hearing Things That Are Quiet – Sky Science Festival
Make tools to hear quiet sounds; a stethoscope to listen to heartbeats or a device to help you understand a whisper from across the room.





Courtyard by Marriott Owensboro


3-star hotel
Contemporary hotel with an indoor pool
Free Wi-Fi

Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Owensboro Downtown


3-star hotel
Redbrick hotel with free WiFi & a pool
Free Wi-Fi

Courtyard by Marriott Owensboro

3-star hotel
Contemporary hotel with an indoor pool
Free Wi-Fi

Comfort Suites

2-star hotel
Suite hotel with a heated indoor pool
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast

Holiday Inn Owensboro Riverfront

3-star hotel
Informal riverside hotel with a pool
Free Wi-Fi

Super 8 Owensboro

2-star hotel
Budget option with free breakfast & WiFi
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast

Days Inn Owensboro

2-star hotel
Simple hotel with an outdoor pool
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
DEAL 17% less than usual

Fairfield Inn by Marriott Owensboro

3-star hotel
Lodging with free WiFi and hot breakfast
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast

Hampton Inn by Hilton Owensboro South

3-star hotel
Classic rooms, a pool & a putting green
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast

Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton Owensboro Downtown

3-star hotel
Redbrick hotel with free WiFi & a pool
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast

Motel 6

2-star hotel
Simple budget lodging with outdoor pool

Cadillac Motel


Motel 1311 W 2nd St

231 Motel


Motel 1640 Triplett St

Ramada Owensboro

2-star hotel
Simple hotel with casual dining & a pool
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast

Wingfield Inn & Suites

2-star hotel
Casual hotel with free breakfast & a gym
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast
DEAL 10% off

Sleep Inn

2-star hotel
Modern hotel with a pool & a gym
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast

Comfort Inn & Suites

2-star hotel
Basic hotel with indoor pool & hot tub
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast

Quality Inn

3-star hotel
Modern hotel with seasonal outdoor pool
Free Wi-Fi
Free breakfast

Explore Yellow Creek Park

Beyond the music: Yellow Creek Park offers many activities for all age groups. Located in the park is a softball field, disc-golf course, tennis courts, and basketball courts. Along with these, there are spots for fishing as well as picnic shelters to cool off during the heat. The park also provides an idyllic nature trail stretching farther than two miles appealing to those who enjoy peaceful hikes and great scenery. Yellow Creek is very kid-friendly and includes a spray park and play ground for children, as well as playing home to the Western Kentucky Raptor Rescue Center and the ROMP mascot, Hootie. 




Artist-Led Workshops

Join us under the pavilion in Pioneer Village for artist-led, instuctional workshops throughout the weekend.
Full Schedule:


Casey Campbell
Wayne Benson (IIIrd Tyme Out)
Robert Bowlin


Dave Howard (23 String Band)


Mike Bub
Ron Block
Tony Trischka
Randy Lanham
Robert Bowlin
Wil Maring
Noam Wall
Aaron Bibelhauser
Sam Bush
Jenni Lyn
Casey Campbell
Tommy Norris
Michael Daves
Stephen Mougin

‘Glamping’ at ROMP

Have you ever heard of “Glamping”?  Glamour camping…nothing like having your comforts of home setup and ready for your arrival to ROMP. We’re proud to partner with Dancin’ Daves once again! Flying to ROMP and want to camp? Dancin’ Dave’s has got you covered.
Dancin’ Dave’s offers first-class camping accommodations. Whether you’re traveling from the opposite coast, across the pond, or just across town, you can have a full festival experience without the hassle of having to pack everything needed for a comfortable stay. We do all the work, including arriving early to secure a premium location just for our guests. Why pack camping supplies when you need that room for your banjo and cooler? Just show up, stay for the party and leave the tear-down to us. Camping has never been so easy!

The Dancin’ Daves village has a limited capacity, so get in while the gettin’s good!

•  1 Person Tent – $125
•  2 Person Tent – $155
•  3-4 Person Tent – $205

You can also add the following amenities (you must rent a tent to rent any of the following items):

Solar Shower – $45
Gazebo with Table – $95
Gazebo with Kitchen – $135

James Scott Bullard Single Premiere: Jesus, Jail Or Texas.


At this particular time my crew is STILL processing this new album available in April of 2018. So you’ll have to stay in touch with this website for the album review. However right now I have been working close with his publicist company to bring you this SECOND premiere single release “Jesus, Jail Or Texas”. Remember you heard it HERE FIRST folks, and many thanks to Country Music Armadillo for interviewing him.

He is currently on the road right now but I contacted him via text and he had this to say about the song:

This song was a tongue-in-cheek approach to a true life story.I asked a mutual friend what ever happened to a girl I once was involved with, and found out that she’d moved to Texas and was married.Then maybe a month later I got a phone call from a local friend who said: “Hey man did you hear that two of your exes were arrested today – together – in the same pace at the same time for the same crime?” Hence: the “two that went to jail.” I’m never sure why people think I care what my exes are up to these days unless I ask, but people do like to talk. So I have heard through the grapevine over the years that some of them were now married, moms, or had new-found spiritual awakenings in the church, which is obviously FAR better than finding me! Hence: “three or four found Jesus.” The rest of it wrote itself from various things that happened or that I had said to people over the years. I once read a great John Cleese quote: “I’ve let a lot of good women go, I’ve let a lot of bad women stay and the ones in between I’ve been rather mean to.”…That quote stuck with me as I wrote this song.”

Bullard is a man with many stories to tell and he tells those stories with truth and passion. Too rock and roll for mainstream country and still ‘too country’ for mainstream rock and roll, Bullard has found his niche among the outlaws. Fringe characters have championed Bullard’s music; bikers, rodeo riders, and renegades, but his audience also includes bankers, lawyers and grandmothers. “I’ve seen it all in my audience,” said Bullard, “I had a couple of 20-something young girls up-front and right next to them was a 70 year old woman who danced, clapped and whooped it up right along with them. I loved that.” Harry Kaplan, of Twangrila (an Americana music website) described Bullard as a “poet” and declared, “Something tells me Bullard will soon be a household name in country music like Simpson and Price.”

“I grew up in the very rural south,” he explains. “I don’t mean this to sound arrogant at all, but there’s something about being from the south that you just ‘know’. There’s something here in the rivers and in the soil that bleeds artistic expression. The blues were born here, which morphed into country and bluegrass and woven into gospel. Hank Williams, Little Richard, Elvis, Lynyrd Skynrd, The Allman Brothers and Tom Petty all came from here. What more proof does one need?

Country Music Armadillo Interview

“He’s the bravado of rock and roll, he’s the pain of blues, he’s the beautiful heartache of country, and there’s nothing fake about it. He is quite simply the real deal.” – Sydney Baker-Brown, Too My Ears

“James Scott Bullard is the kind of singer/songwriter that other singer/songwriters long to be. With songs drenched in pills, whiskey, and beautiful she-devils sent from hell to shepard some poor jaded sap into the depths of heartbreak, Bullard is nothing short of a poet.” – David Butler, The Florence Morning News

March 22-Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge,8pm/No Cost 102 E Palestine Ave Madison TN 37115

—Friday, March 23-The Loose Brick Bar 9pm-12am/no cover 111 W Chestnut St, Shelbina, MO 63468

—Saturday, March 24-Memory’s Bar & Grill *(Songbird Willy supporting)9pm/$5
108 3rd St, Monett, MO 65708

—Sunday, March 25-Private Party-Aurora, MO.

—Wednesday, March 28-Frank James Saloon 7pm-10pm/No cover 10919 MO-45, Kansas City, MO 64152

—Thursday, March 29-Amnesia Too-St. 8pm/No Cover 2007 St Joseph Ave, St Joseph, MO 64505

—Friday, March 30-Buck’s Bar & Grill 8pm//$10.55 27849 W Center Rd, Waterloo, NE 68069 for tickets:’s_Bar_and_Grill/

—Saturday, March 31-Bandit’s Bar 9pm-12am/no cover 1016 Diers Ave # 118, Grand Island, NE 68803

—Thursday, April 5th Chicago Street Pub 9pm/No cover 75 N. Chicago St., Joliet, IL 60432 

—Saturday, April 7-Whikerz Pub 9pm-12am/no cover 215 5th St, Lacon, IL 61540

—April 27th Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge Record Release and Americana Roots Hoedown Pre-Party w/ Boo RayBoo Ray/Allen Thompson/Taylor Kropp /James Scott Bullard/Scott McMahan/The Traveling Ones


Album Feature: Pat Reedy And The Longtime Goners: That’s All There Is (And There Ain’t No More).

By Joshua Wallace

  Pat Reedy has sound that puts him right within the traditional, honky tonk and outlaw crowds.  It has everything you would expect from a classic 70’s country album right down to the working class musician attitude that Reedy carries.  That’s All There Is is Reedy’s third album and first new release on the Muddy Roots record label. This is a good starting point for new fans of Pat Reedy and for those that dig in, it is bound to be one that sticks with you.

  An immediate favorite of mine is “Nashville Tennessee at 3am” which both praises and bemoans the current scene in Nashville, TN with it’s overabundance of tourist and wannabe outlaws.  Nashville still has some appeal because that is where the subject of the song and Reedy choose to be. Another immediate favorite is “Conversations With Jesus”. It is always refreshing when an artist isn’t afraid to approach religion and does it in a refreshing way.  “Conversations With Jesus” finds the main character of the song having a near death experience and Jesus tells him all of the things wrong with his life from his approach to religion and politics to cursing.

  “Funny Thing About A Hammer” also has some great songwriting that displays Reedy’s working class sensibilities in a great tune about blue collar workers.  The album’s lead single “Bloodshot Heart” is a perfect introduction to this record. It’s an upbeat honky tonk number that’s bound to have boots moving on the dance floors in East Nashville and beyond.  Another good track is the ballad “Wedding Ring” which features some great fiddle playing.

  There are several songs about working in the coal mines on this album.  None are more apparent than “Coal Train Blues” which drives home the working class musician theme which runs through this album.  Coal mining songs are a long tradition in country music almost as big as trucking songs and “Coal Train Blues” is a great addition to that.

  I highly recommend checking out this album as I think it will be great for fans of real honky tonk and outlaw country.  Pat Reedy is a working class musician doing things his own way. This is his first original release on Muddy Roots records and I highly recommend checking it out.  Reedy is going to be a name to look out for as his music stands up against the legends and contemporary artists doing honky tonk and outlaw country. If you’re going to Muddy Roots 2018, I highly recommend checking out his set during the festival.  That’s All There Is (And There Ain’t No More) is available everywhere on April 6th with an album release party April 7th at the American Legion Post 82 in Nashville, TN. You can read more about Pat Reedy And The Longtime Goners HERE

Favorite Tracks :Bloodshot Heart, Conversations With Jesus, Nashville Tennessee at 3am, Funny Thing about A Hammer, Wedding Ring

Pat Reedy & The Longtime Goners – That’s All There Is (And There Ain’t No More) (2018)


  1. Bloodshot Heart

  2. Lucky I’m Alive

  3. Nashville Tennessee at 3am

  4. Wedding Ring

  5. You Don’t Have To Tell Me Again

  6. Fare The Well

  7. Same To Me

  8. That’s All There Is (And There Ain’t No More)

  9. Conversations With Jesus

  10. Funny Thing About A Hammer

  11. Pennsylvania Hills

  12. Coal Train Blues


Nikki Lane With Sarah Shook And The Disarmers Featuring The Trongone Band In Tallahassee Florida.

By Joshua Wallace

 This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of checking out the 2018 Ameripolitan Outlaw Female of the year Nikki Lane and Sarah Shook And The Disarmers. This was a double bill with Sarah Shook playing a solid hour and Nikki Lane closing out the night with a roughly two hour set. The opening band that night at 5th And Thomas was  The Trongone Band from West Virginia.

Trongone 01

The Trongone Band

 The Trongone Band was entirely new to me going in.  They played songs from their 2017 album “Keys To The House”.  This band brings a good stripped down southern rock sound. They have one lead vocalist / guitar player in Andrew Trongone, and one keyboard player who also has some vocal duties on certain tracks in Ben White.  The rest of the band is rounded out by Todd Harrington on bass and Johnny Trongone on drums. They have a sound that is very reminiscent of The Black Crowes and you can hear that in most of their songs.

 A couple of my favorite tracks from their set were “Not Coming Home” and “Another Lost Rambler.”   “Not Coming Home” features Ben White on vocals and really highlights how tight the band is in the interaction between their guitar and keyboards.  “Another Lost Rambler” feels like a classic southern rock song that you’d hear from any southern rock act traversing across the state of Florida in the seventies.  You could hear the crowd’s appreciation for this band as I believe they caught many in the crowd off guard with how good they were.

Trongone 02

Andrew Trongone and Ben White rocking out

Sarah Shook 01

Sarah Shook & The Disarmers

 Up next was Sarah Shook & The Disarmers.  It was clear that many people came mainly for Sarah Shook and she did not disappoint despite this being her 3rd show in a 24 hour period having played in Savannah, GA at Midnight the night before and in Jacksonville, FL that afternoon.  I was blown away by her pedal steel player Adam Kurtz, especially on tracks like “Dwight Yoakam” and the new song “New Ways To Fail”. That song in particular seemed to get over well with the crowd who enjoyed the hook in the chorus. Another new song that got over well with the Tallahassee, FL crowd was “Damned If I Do, Damned If I Don’t”.  Her set was a mix of old and new stuff. I highly recommend checking her out on this run if you want to hear some of the new album early. The newer tracks have more of a traditional country sound and leave behind a lot of the punk and alt country influences of her album Sidelong.

Sarah Shook 02.JPG

Sarah Shook

Nikki Lane 01

Nikki Lane

 Finally, Nikki Lane closed out the evening with the most stripped down band of the three.  The band’s sound was anchored by her lead guitar player Alex Munoz and supported by a bass player and drums.  Her band had a more americana and western sound which was a good compliment for her varied recorded output. Some highlights included “Highway Queen” and “700,000 Rednecks” off her most recent album, and “Man Up” and “All Or Nothin’” from her second release.  She even went back to her debut album with hits like “Gone, Gone, Gone” and at a fan’s request did a stripped down version of “Walk Of Shame” after explaining the story behind the song. One surprise of the evening was a special appearance from Brent Cobb who is local to the area.  They both did a cover of Bob Dylan’s classic “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere” which was originally released by The Byrds.

Nikki Lane 02

Nikki Lane and Brent Cobb

Nikki Lane’s set was a fun, lighter way to close out a long evening of good outlaw country music and southern rock.  I highly recommend checking out any of these bands on tour if they come to a town near you. If you are going to Muddy Roots this year, as I know many who read this blog do, I highly recommend checking out Sarah Shook & The Disarmers set.

Nikki Lane 03

Album Feature: The Goddamn Gallows: The Trial.

By Joshua Wallace

  The Goddamn Gallows are back with their 6th full length studio album and it’s a barn burner.  They are fully embracing their metal side with this album and it shows. You can even see it in the album artwork which was done by Andrei Bouzikov who has done artwork for bands such as Municipal Waste, Skeletonwitch and Hellmouth.  The album was even produced by a metal legend in Jack Gibson of Exodus. You might recall that he previously produced the debut LP from Stump Tail Dolly with great results.

  This band has always had a sound that lends itself to heavy music, but now they are embracing it.  This means more than just cranking up the guitars in the mix, they bing the riffs too. Just check out track “Shitwish” and you’ll hear some killer riffs and growling vocals from Mikey Classic mixed in with some great accordion.  It’s sure to be a headbanger at live shows. Another headbanger is the new version of Jayke Orvis’s “Dreadful Sinner”. This version keeps the familiar tune and banjo riffs of the Broken Band original, but adds some heavier riffage throughout.

  Another favorite of mine is “City Of Fools” and that track is probably my favorite composition on the album.  It presents the best mix of the classic sound from The Goddamn Gallows and their new heavier angle. Another fan favorite will likely be “Down With The Ship”.  It has already been a fan favorite at live shows and it is great to finally have a recorded version of this track which features vocals from both Fishgutzzz and Mikey Classic.

  If you’re a fan of The Goddamn Gallows, you know they have always been heading in this direction.  From live covers of classic metal tunes to an often heavier sound in their live shows, it is good to see them finally fully embrace this side of their music on an album.  This isn’t just a roots band with cranked up guitars, The Goddamn Gallows bring the killer riffs and growling vocals you would expect from a great metal band. This album is out everywhere digitally now and will be available on CD on March 23rd.

Favorite Tracks : City Of Fools, Dreadful Sinner, Down With The Ship, Shitwish

The Goddamn Gallows – The Trial (2018)


  1. Grassmuncher

  2. Blackened Soul

  3. It’s Gonna Be Ok (no, It’s Not)

  4. Shitwish

  5. When No One’s Around

  6. The Trial

  7. City Of Fools

  8. Honeyhole

  9. Dreadful Sinner

  10. Down With The Ship


Marty Stuart Is Building The Congress Of Country Music In Mississippi.

I tell you what I USED to attend many Country Music auctions in order to acquire as much memorabilia as possible in my home here. What I have done is arranged my home in chronological time order according to years of Country Music history. For instance if you enter my home through the laundry room it begins with Deford Bailey, the Fruit Jar Drinkers and Uncle Dave Macon. Pretty much from 1900 up until 1927-30 when Uncle Jimmy Thompson was first featured on the fledgling show called The Grand Ol Opry.

That is…until I learned Marty Stuart was sending “his people” to these auctions with straight THOUSANDS in cash. I mean, there wasn’t even an auction! I suppose all is fair in  love and war if you have enough money…which he does. He owns the largest collection of Country Music memorabilia in the United States, the ONLY complaint that collectors such as myself have with his horde is that the public isn’t  allowed access to it..until now.

Partially, portions of his record collection has been for sale at Ernest Tubb’s Record Shop down on Broadway. And I understand those are just his duplicate albums! However you aren’t going to be able to acquire previous property of a Country Music Legend while he is alive for a small price. The album are marked up pretty high, I bought a few of them as I could afford them.

Just recently Marty Stuart himself announced his proposed plans to construct a museum, library and performing arts center in his hometown of Philadelphia Mississippi. He made this announcement public last Wednesday at a press conference in Jackson Mississippi. Marty Stuart’s Congress of Country Music will be in Philadelphia, about 80 miles (129 kilometers) northeast of Jackson, and is speculated to open in three years.

Digital rendering of country star Marty Stuart's Congress

He presented digital interpretations of the finished project at the Mississippi state capitol last week, as he plans to feature most of his 20,000 piece collection of all types of artifacts. For over 30 years Mr. Marty has been one of the forefront advocates of the preservation of the history of Country Music and a hero to people like myself.

It will be built in his hometown of Philadelphia Mississippi, and will incorporate the  town’s historic Ellis Theater. Also, this project will include a concert venue, museum and an educational center where the public can learn about the various careers available in the music industry. The center is already subsequently endorsed by the Grammy Museum, The Smithsonian National Museum and the Library Of Congress.

Many of his clothing articles worn by Hank Williams and Porter Wagoner along with instruments they played will be on display for ALL to see. The next step in Mr. Marty’s plans is securing funding for this project, as he tours this year in support of Chris Stapleton.


Music Festivals 2018: Muddy Roots Nashville Boogie.

This is one of my hometown festivals that I haven’t missed much of the first few years it’s transpired. It’s grown by leaps and bounds in those few years as well, emanating from many venues and stages. It was moved one year because of a problem with the hotel, but moved back to the ballroom last year. I’m going to publicly admit I’m not really interested in the car portion, but that’s JUST ME. I LOVE the people that come display their vehicles and still go see the hot rods and all that. The clothes and styles of the Rockabilly scene are always fun to see as well as the western styles like you’ll see at Nikki Lane’s Marketplace at a California festival this year. THIS VERY WEBSITE was formulated and spawned at the Junebug Ranch on a hot summer weekend in 2013, where Muddy Roots and my personal friend Shooter Jennings helped me start this. My FIRST article was launched at Outlaws And Legends at Altamont and featured Kara Clark in 2013.

No automatic alt text available.
This portion is from my good friend Jason Galaz personal page:

We have the world’s largest venue for a rock & billy event! The Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender is held at the Opryland Hotel Resort which currently has 3000 rooms, 2 large atriums, 17 restaurants & bars, & hundreds of thousands of feet of ballrooms and event space. But to make it even better they are adding more rooms and an exclusive waterpark just for guests!

They’ve been so kind as to give us our own little corner all weekend long.The Tennessee and Magnolia ballrooms are all ours for the weekend which will keep us in one spot while onsite! No more Ryman hall downstairs.They also give us $259 rooms for $159 a night. I recently paid $147 for the old Fiddlers Inn across the street for a band. Check the value!You can purchase tickets for this event HERE.

Large f3b78ffd

We also have one of Nashville’s last remaining REAL honky tonks across the street called The Nashville Palace with an old school dance floor complete with a neon guitar on the ceiling. Country music superstars used to frequent the joint. You can find many of their hand prints in concrete out front of the neighboring building classic Hollywood style.

We have a massive parking lot behind the palace for our carshow which is now more accessible to the public.

We run shuttles between the two nonstop.

With all that said, rooms and tickets are limited. We are down to a few hundred per night. Don’t wait because I am just getting started!!!!

It’s that time again to bring you my article on the Muddy Roots Nashville Boogie and bring it I shall, as I always do every year. This event and the Muddy Roots main event in Cookeville are ones that I have never missed a single year of and I have reported LIVE from them for the entire three and a half years my website has been functioning.

On May 24-27th Nashville will once again fall victim to an all out assault on crappy music when Mr. Jason and his crew of REAL MUSIC crusaders usher in the real deal to the Opryland area.  Over 80 performances on 5 stages, over 4 days at 3 venues. Located at the Grand Ole Opry House, Opryland Hotel, & Nashville Palace. Includes a large indoor car show, western fashion show, huge vintage vendor market, pinup contest, a record convention, and a vintage slide show.

Larry Collins
Levi Dexter
The Paladins
The Polecats
Narvel Felts
Hillbilly Moon Explosion
The Rimshots
Carlos And The Bandidos
Luis And The Wildfires
Charlie Hightone
Deke Dickerson
Hillbilly Casino

Boz, the international playboy currently known as a co-writer and guitarist for Morrissey Official is hailed as a pioneer in the neo-rockabilly world as a member of The Polecats and other various projects. We’ll celebrate his life work by working him like a mule at the 2018 Nashville Boogie Vintage Weekender & Car Show!

Official scheduled performances currently include the following but wouldn’t be surprised to see him on stage during other acts.

* The Polecats
* The Boz-Allstars (w/ Stephen Dibbs Preston of the rockcats, Lyn, Steve & Pete)
* The Sonny George Band (From when Sonny lived in Holland)
* The Deltas (Guest spot)

Wildfire Willie And The Ramblers
The Planet Rockers
The Rocketz
Charlie Thompson
Royce Porter
Billy Harlan
Psycho Devilles
Tommy Ash
Art Adams
The Deltas
The Tremors
Little Lesley And The Bloodshots
The Krank Daddies
Jane Rose
The Cowpokes
The Fly Cat Trio
Lara Hope And The Ark Tones
Kyle Eldridge And The Rhythm Rounders
Little Boy Arnold
The Desperados
Texas Steve And The Tornados
Eddie And Thee Scorpions
Bailey Dee
Will And The Hi Rollers

Club Hotel Nashville Inn And Suites
Country Inn And Suites Opryland North
Best Western Opryland
Holiday Inn Express Opryland
Airport Super 8 Opryland
Courtyard Nashville
Hampton Inn And Suites
Guest House Inn
Days Inn Opryland
Fiddler’s Inn Opryland

BIG News On Husky Burnette!

I mean WHAT CAN I SAY here folks, let’s shoot back to the beginning of this very website here. MY IDEAS began brewing in 2007 when this “Roots Music” began to fester from the depths of social media AKA the almighty MYSPACE. I can remember many many sleepless nights of sitting on my fat butt consuming 16oz cans of Pabst while discovering Bob Wayne, Honky Tonk Hustlas, and THESE GUYS…

In their own way they are Legends in this sort of music here, and have stood their test of time some ten years later. Mr. Soda Gardocki, Mr. Husky and them Ditchrunners have all been leaders in this scene of music, and now they play many more festivals than just the original one..Muddy Roots.

Part of my video from below is in the dark but that’s my point even in the storms THIS BAND blows your mind, it also features Miss Caroline his wife on bass, and Mr. Puppy on drums there. You can kind of get a slight taste of what you’ll have on stage there.TRUST ME you will NOT be upset.

I have many, many memories of watching Mr. Husky drop the blues bomb on unsuspecting souls for years. To people that don’t know him he may look innocent until he straps that guitar on and strikes the first chord. I’m REALLY GLAD to hear from him, and the fact he decided to include songs from his earlier albums. Because “Hog Jaw” and “Black Snake Boogie” are classic Husky. So HERE is his official statement he wanted me to release for him:


Back on the road this month and couldn’t be happier about it. I’ve acquired a new fire by bringing back a lot of the old tunes from the first two albums. Folks have been asking for them so they’re back in the set every night and sounding better than ever! I also have some brand new songs in the set that are from the upcoming split release, Whiskey Trippin’. Zach “Puppy” Babbe(Soda Gardocki) will be on drums for the first leg and Derrick Maddox(The Ditchrunners) for the second leg. Super excited to have both of these amazing drummers as part of the family on the road this Spring! Help spread the word and we’ll see y’all out there. As always, thanks for the continued support!


Spring Shocker Tour Dates


3/07 Nashville Palace, Nashville, TN

3/09 Brew and Cue, Chattanooga TN

3/10 Fireside Bar & Grill, Chattanooga TN

3/15 High Rock Outfitters, Lexington NC

3/16 Pigeon Mountain Grill, Chickamauga GA

3/17 Mountain Creek Harley Davidson, Dalton GA

3/22 Funny Ears Fringe Fest, Preservation Pub, Knoxville TN

3/23 Frank N Steins, Portsmouth OH

3/24 Traditions Bar, Watseka IL

3/25 Reggie’s, Chicago IL


3/30 Cold Shot, Appleton WI

3/31 Polack Inn, Wausau WI

4/04 The Lift, Dubuque IA

4/05 Lefty’s, Des Moines IA

4/06 Guitars and Cadillacs, Springfield IL

4/07 Westport Saloon, Kansas City MO

4/12 Gillie’s, Kearney NE

4/13 LoveLace Art & Design, Lincoln NE

4/14 War Goat Fest, St Louis MO

4/18 Red Brick Bar, Norman OK

4/19 Lucy’s Lot, Grapevine TX

4/20 Walk This Earth Festival, Albany TX

Nikki Lane’s Stage Stop Marketplace.

Recently at the Ameripolitan Awards I got the opportunity to spend a little time with Nikki Lane and she told me a little about this project. I’m hoping that she extends this project into other ventures like the Nashville Boogie.Her new album Highway Queen made my TOP 50 OF 2017 lasy year.

I predict Miss Nikki to do nothing but rise to the TOP of the non mainstream lists…and I predict this “non mainstream” music to TAKE OVER and BECOME more mainstream as the need and want for it escalates.

“Curating the Stage Stop Marketplace is the perfect way for me to blend my love for country music with my love for vintage Western wear and American-made products,” Lane said via a press release. “All of the vendors are hardworking small business owners working to maintain integrity and authenticity with regard to how they dress and live.”

On top of curating the shops, Lane and her friends will be surprising guests throughout the weekend by popping into the stores for acoustic performances right inside the marketplace. The Stage Stop Marketplace will include vendors from all over the U.S., such as High Class Hillbilly, Lone Hawk Hats, Honeywood Vintage and Bandit Brand.

I am thrilled to announce Nikki Lane’s Stage Stop Marketplace at Stagecoach 2018 which will be open all weekend long, April 27 through April 29. Curating the Stage Stop Marketplace is the perfect way for me to blend my love for country music with my love for vintage western wear and American made products. All of the vendors are hardworking small business owners working to maintain integrity and authenticity with regard to how they dress and live. I am excited and proud to share all they have to offer with all of you!

The Marketplace will include curated vendors, such as High Class HillbillyLone Hawk HatsHoneywood VintageBandit Brand, and more. All of which will provide anyone who stops by the opportunity to deep dive their eccentric styles and country inspired fashion.

In addition to curated vintage goods, I will be bringing along some of my closest musician friends for pop-up acoustic performances right inside the marketplace. These will be artists outside of the Stagecoach lineup performing exclusively at the Marketplace so you will not want to miss it!
I can’t wait to share all that the marketplace has to offer at Stagecoach this year with all of you, so please be sure to stop by to say “hello” and pick up a few unique items to highlight your inner country style.
See you at the Polo Fields!

More Information

Roots On The Road- Little Jimmy Dickens Tribute Show.

Music City Roots's photo.


Music City Roots PRESENTS: “Roots On The Road” at The Nashville Palace – A Little Jimmie Dickens Tribute Show Featuring: Tim O’Brien, Kathy Mattea, Connie Smith, Carpenter Ants, John Ellison & Todd Burge Doors open at 6pm. Show Starts at 7pm. Watch the web stream Wed 7pm CT right here.

We have many ticketing options, from GA to Reserved seats and also meal packages. First come first serve for general admission tickets! Limited amount of reserved seats available for purchase. You can purchase tickets HERE.

Listen to the new album
The Rhinestone Hillbilly – A Tribute to Little Jimmy Dickens

More about the WV Artists

  • Reserved Chair ( front of stage)
  • Reserved Chair (front of stage) w/Meal
  • Reserved Table w/ Meal
  • General Admission
    GA Ticket Only. GA Seats are First Come, First Serve. No Ref… More
  • General Admission w/ Meal
    GA Seats are First Come, First Serve. No Refunds. This tick… More

    What is Music City Roots?

    Music City Roots, Live From The Factory is a weekly, radio show and webcast that revives the historic legacy of live musical radio production in Nashville. Broadcast on Wednesday nights from 7pm to about 9:30 pm, CST, Music City Roots showcases Nashville’s astonishing music scene, from country and Americana to more progressive interpreters of tradition — a “roots and branches” format that brings together fans of different tastes and generations. The show is broadcast live over WMOT/Roots Radio 89.5 FM from Middle Tennessee State University and webcast in Livestream video at A weekly syndicated show is distributed to a network of affiliates around the country as well as the major podcasting platforms.

    Music fans worldwide know Nashville as the epicenter of country music, and Music City Roots, Live From The Factory embraces and builds on that foundation. MCR is broadcast to a global audience, not just as the keeper of the traditional flame, but as a trusted tastemaker that looks to the future of music in all its forms and sub-genres: bluegrass, folk, alternative, western, rockabilly and crossovers into rock, jazz and world music. There has never been a time of greater variety, abundance and quality in Nashville’s creative community, and Music City Roots looks to put that talent on a worldwide stage.

    Each broadcast features four artists in 25 minute segments and short interviews, plus a show-closing Nashville Jam where all musical guests embrace the spirit of Music City as the collaborative epicenter of tradition and innovation. Nashville’s legendary Keith Bilbrey is the announcer; Jim Lauderdale and other leaders of the music community host the festivities.

    Born and raised in Bolt, Raleigh County, “Little” Jimmy Dickens was 4 foot 11 inches tall and a permanent member of the Grand Ole Opry since 1949.

    In 1964, Dickens became the first country music star to circle the world during a tour. Dickens charted hits in every decade from the 1940s to the 1970s.

    Dickens was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1983 and was in the first class of inductees into the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame in 2007.

    Dickens’ last Opry performance was December 20, 2014, four days after his 94th birthday. He passed away just two weeks later on January 2, 2015.


The ALL NEW COMPLETE Local Music Guide!

If YOU have a show YOU would like added to my list PLEASE email me at I literally watch more than 40 venues in Nashville plus belong to many concert websites in order to bring you this coverage. NEW IN 2018, folks I am always looking for ways to enhance what I do for you. So this year I’ll be reporting on further Kentucky shows, and further Tennessee shows as well.

Folks WHATEVER YOU DO PLEASE support live venue music


Raelynn Nelson
O Connors April 20th

Lindi Ortega
The Basement April 20th

Bobby Bare
Renfro Valley April 20th

Confederate Railroad
Plaza Theater April 20th

Ryan Bingham
City Winery April 20th

Aaron lee Tasjan
The Basement East April 20th

The Barnyard Stompers
The Cobra April 21st

J.D. Wilkes (Solo)
Golden Pond April 21st

The Josephines
Tidball’s April 21st

Gene Watson
Renfro Valley April 21st

Kristina Murray
Honky Tonk Tuesday April 24rth

Paul Cauthen
The Basement April 25th

James Scott Bullard
Dee’s Country Lounge April 27th

Tim Montana
The Warehouse Mt Victor April 27th

The Barnyard Stompers
The Spillway Bowling Green Ky April 28th

Joshua Hedley
The Basement East April 24rth

Boo Ray
Dee’s Country Lounge April 27th

Natalie Hemby
3Rd And Lindsley April 29th

Ascend Ampitheater May 2nd

Dwight Yoakam
Iroquois Ampitheater Louisville Ky May 4rth

Howlin Brothers
Tidballs May 4rth

Kelsey Waldon
Billy Strings
The Burl May 4rth

Tracey Lawrence
Renfro Valley May 5th

Billy Strings
The Burl May 5th

Hot Club Of Cowtown
City Winery May 9th

Clint Black
State Theater Elizabethtown Ky May 10th

Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band
Revelry Room Chattanooga Tn May 11th

William Clark Green
3rd And Lindsley May 12th

The Josephines
Spillway Bowling Green May 12th

Joe Diffie
Renfro Valley May 12th

Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band
Cosmic Charlie’s May 13th

Kris Kristofferson with Ben Haggard
Basement East May 16th

Willie Nelson
Ascend Ampitheater May 18th

Parker Milsap
3rd And Lindsley May 20th

Margo Price
Ryman Auditorium May 20, 21 and 23rd

Kristiana Murray
Nashville Nashville Tn May 22nd

Ruby boots
Basement May 18th

Trampled By Turtles
Ryman Auditorium May 18th

Parker Milsap
3rd And Lindsley May 20th

John Moreland
Manchester Music Hall Lexington Ky

Dailey And Vincent April 28th

Colter Wall
Grand Theater May 18th

Trampled By Turtles
Ryman Auditorium May 18th

Ray Wylie Hubbard
Stoddart Family Farm Crawford Tn May 26th

The Oak Ridge Boys
Beaver Dam Amphitheater June 1st

The Oak Ridge Boys
Renfro Valley June 2nd

Justin Townes Earle
Headliner’s Louisville Ky June 2nd

American Aquarium and Cory Branon
The Basement East June 5th

Colter Wall
Louisville Palace Ky June 8th

The Josephines
The A frame Bowling Green Ky June 8th

The Reverend Horton Heat
Big Sandy And The Fly Rite Boys
Lara Hope And The Ark Tones
Southgate House June 13th

John Anderson
Palace Theater Crossville Tn June 22nd

Jamey Johnson
Renfro Valley June 23rd

John Anderson
State theater June 23rd

Lavender Country
The Basement June 23rd

Kristina Murray
Honky Tonk Tuesday June 26th

Urban Pioneers
Nashville Palace June 26th

Jamey Johnson
The Shed June 29th

The Po Ramblin Boys
Station Inn June 29th

The Reverend Horton Heat
Exit Inn June 30th

The Blasters
Exit Inn July 1st

Cecil Allen Moore
American Legion Post 82 July 3rd

Shooter Jennings and Turnpike Troubadors
Beaver Dam Ampitheater August 4rth

Del McCoury Band
Ryman July 12th

The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band
Miller Plaza Chattanooga Tn July 13th

Jimmy Fortune
Kentucky Opry August 25th

Janie Frickie
Renfro Valley September 7th

The Reeves Brothers
American Legion Post 82
Sept 7th

Cecil Allen Moore
American Legion Post 82
Sept 25th

Marty Stuart
Rupp Arena Ky Oct 27th

The Cluttered Corner Returns!


Let’s shoot back to 2010 when Myspace was diminishing facebook was on the rise and this type of music I feature was blooming. I was learning more and more about Red Dirt coming out of Texas and Oklahoma, this outlet was the first place I learned of people like Cody Canada, Randy Rogers, Josh Ward and Bri Bagwell. It was run by a gal named Katie Key, and it came from Houston at the Texas Music Chart Headquarters. So THIS IS directly from Texas Music Pickers Website:

Many an artist stopped in to the Texas Music Chart world headquarters in Houston including: Randy Rogers Band, Josh Ward, Cody Johnson, Bonnie Bishop, and Bri Bagwell!  (You can see those interviews and performances here:   One of my favorites was this one with Cody Canada:

 I left the Texas Music Chart in 2014 and the Cluttered Corner went on for two more years, hosted by the late great Ed Shane and his wife Pam Shane.

I’ve always wanted to bring it back and now I have that opportunity!  The Cluttered Corner is coming back better than ever!  Same great Texas/Red Dirt/Country music artist interviews and performances but recorded in a new location: Coals Smokehouse!  Real Content Solutions will be the company handling all production.  The finished videos will be shared on, and, as well as other social media outlets.

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Album Feature: Laura Benitez And The Heartache: With All It’s Thorns.


Today I wanted to feature a VERY GOOD album that I received in the mail called Laura Benetiz And The Heartache which is a West Coast outfit of  TERRIFIC Honky Tonk Country from California. This album was sent to me in a press kit, and when I finally got time to listen to it I was PLEASANTLY astonished. HOW have I NOT heard of this gem before, even her previous 2014 album “Heartless Woman” is equally TERRIFIC. But now let’s delve into this one called “With All It’s Thorns.

The pedal steel guitar work on this album is INSANE and truly precise, Mr. Ian Sutton completed a masterpiece of solos on songs like “Our Remember Whens” which was a lover’s song about future good times between two lovers. You know the feeling when you have a NEW relationship, and you JUST KNOW there are good times coming. You KNOW the times will be remembered and recalled in time.

The album jumps right into a murder ballad called “In Red” it’s a seductive and sultry tune about a fornicating man, with a new unsuspecting wife that regrets dressing in white. These eleven songs are so wonderfully written I am just raving about this album. I have given it to so many other outlets that promote this kind of music, it’s unreal. She eventually ends up shooting this man and the TWANG of this song is VERY enjoyable.

This album begins with a song reminiscent of the 1980’s women like Miss Mary Chapin Carpenter and Miss Dolly Parton  with a song called “Something Better Than A Broken Heart”, which was the only co-write on the album. It has a New Orleans type flair to it, also the song “Whiskey Makes Me Love You” was another perfect throwback song. This young lady has the total package for today’s Honky Tonk crowd, she has the Legends sound and reference, while maintaining today’s fresh look like Miss Sarah Gayle Meech and Tommy Ash.

‘The Fool I Am Right Now” is a good boot stomping two step beer drinking song about typical regret of something I think many of us are..fools in love with people who treat us less than we deserve. if THAT doesn’t hit the Honky Tonk nail on the head i don’t know WHAT DOES.

The last song is a slower one called “Nora Went Down The Mountain” with some terrific fiddle work and a truly compelling story of adventure. I’m telling you folks this album is EXACTLY what I was looking for when I want a female fronted Honky Tonk outfit.

1. Something Better Than a Broken Heart
2.Easier Things to Do
3.Our Remember Whens
4.In Red
5.Whiskey Makes Me Love You
6.Almost the Right One (Casi Mi Cielo)
7.Ghost Ship
8.The Fool I Am Right Now
10.Why Does It Matter
11.Nora Went Down the Mountain

Mar 30
The Monkey House
Berkeley, CA

Apr 06
Fireside Lounge
Alameda, CA

Apr 22
Ivy Room
Albany, CA

May 17
Bar Fluxus
San Francisco, CA

May 19
Neck of the Woods
San Francisco, CA

May 22
Bazaar Cafe
San Francisco, CA

Country Legend Ronnie Prophet Dies.

A lot of websites will most likely be writing about the legendary Country Music variety show host Mr. Ronnie Prophet, who died yesterday at age 80 in Florida following a bad heart attack. He remains embedded deeply into my youth as I grew up watching television shows like ‘The Ronnie Prophet Show” and “Hee Haw”.  He established himself at the famed Nashville Carousel Club in the 1970’s, and after the late 80’s, he joined the many Country Music Legends that built Branson Missouri into the Country Music mecca of the mid American area.

However Ronnie Prophet was raised and grew up in Canada, and got started in local clubs. He made his television debut on a show called the “Happy Wanderers”, and then appeared in Montreal nightclubs before coming to Nashville in 1969.

As a recording artist in the 1970’s Ronnie Prophet recorded twenty seven albums, and five of his singles reached the Billboard charts. His highest reach on the charts was his 1975 single “Sanctuary”. He also hosted the Country Music variety show called the Ronnie Prophet Show in 1974, but it only lasted one season featuring eleven episodes.

However the reruns became a 1970’s mainstay on the youthful TNN during cable TV’s youth, and I vastly credit The Ronnie Prophet show for proliferating the Outlaw movement as he featured Hank Williams Jr. and George Jones among many others.

He toured and opened for Country Legend George Jones in September and November of 2005. He was inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame, and will be laid to rest in Florida where he resided in later years.

Prophet’s widow, with whom he recorded several duets including 1984’s “If This is Love” and 1985’s “I’m Glad We’re Bad at Something,” said in her Facebook post that his sense of humor sustained her through the years.

“Chet Atkins music was playing softly in the background till he left us for his heavenly home this morning at 8:40. He loved life, and friends, family and his fans were so important to him,” she wrote.

“His passion for music was part of who he was and it was always his wish to keep people smiling wherever he went. Thank you for all the kind and encouraging words. I will continue to read them and they will help my grieving heart of losing him but knowing that he was loved and will be missed by others. God bless you all.”